Sunday, January 13, 2019

When Female Psychopaths Hijacked Feminism

Short Answer: it was 1963.

Longer Answer:

The Dark Ages
Also known as the 1950’s (which are also known – to Conservatives – as “the good old days”). Actually, for a long time before that. A looong time. You pretty much have to go back to before Monotheism to find a time when human sexuality was not repressed. (Read Joseph Campbell’s accounts of the pagan sex cults; whew, our ancestors did a whole lotta love'n! But I digress…)
The First Wave
The first wave of Feminism had been about getting women to be recognized and treated as fully human in everyday life and under the law. This was good; I, as most people today, accept that as a legitimate goal. (As most young women today accept, it has largely been achieved.)

The Pill
The birth control pill (so impactful it is known simply as “The Pill”, despite the millions of types of pills in our society) was approved for married women in some states in 1960; every year after that, the number of women who could get it – both legally and illegally – increased every year until every adult and most teens get could get on it by the early seventies. This absolutely caused the Sexual Revolution, the way that it actually happened, when it actually happened (despite the protestations of some). Yes, there were psycho-social changes happening already, and something would have happened, but The Pill had a huge effect on America and the world.

(The Pill has been reformulated a few times since, and today is very safe and very effective – if taken as prescribed – for women ages 18 – 30.)

The Psychopaths
"They are everyone, and they are no one." Morpheus, The Matrix

Movies and TV have given most people a false impression of what a psychopath is; the whole “Hannibal Lecter / Silence of the Lambs” thing.

In reality, most psychopaths are not serial killers or even in prison. They are doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers.. every kind of person. Rich and poor; young and old; Black, White, and Asian. They are Conservative and Liberal; Democrat and Republican; Capitalist and Communist. Every category, every place, every group has some.

Including the Feminist Movement.

The Feminist Mistake and The Biological Clock
The female psychopath cannot get human fulfillment from the "traditional" roles of  wife and mother. To her, those healthy, natural roles feel like a prison, and a trap, and like she's being unjustly persecuted.

In 1963, Betty Friedan released her book The Feminine Mystique. Friedan had been an activist for many years by that point; she was also a woman “of privilege”, living in a large house with several servants. Her wealthy husband hired a nanny to look after their children, and a maid to take care of their house, so she could travel the USA complaining about how oppressed she was.

[The NYT obituary for Friedan noted that she was "famously abrasive", and that she could be "thin-skinned and imperious, subject to screaming fits of temperament." Her husband said, "It took a driven, super aggressive, egocentric, almost lunatic dynamo to rock the world the way she did. Unfortunately, she was that same person at home, where that kind of conduct doesn't work. She simply never understood this." Germaine Greer stated Betty "would become breathless with outrage if she didn't get the deference she thought she deserved." That's the malignant narcissism which is typical of the psychopathic personality.]

So, since most women have to choose one or the other at a time, Feminism teaches them to put off marriage and children in favor of pursuing a career (mocking women who don’t as pursuing an “MRS” degree). This is not what’s best for most women – or their children – because the 20’s are the biologically best time to be getting pregnant and giving birth. Most women’s fertility starts to decrease after age 30, and decreases every year after that. If you spend all your 20’s going to college and then establishing your career, you are acting like a man. It’s OK for men to do that – we don’t get pregnant.
The Fish Needs A Bicycle
The man gives the woman what she values most, which is his love; the woman gives the man what he values most, her power. If the man gives his love for any amount of time, and then at some point stops giving it, then she should “stop giving away her power.” If the man gives her his love before she gives him her power, she will not be able to feel respect for him, then she will not be able to feel attracted to him.

If the woman gives the man both her power and her love – hey, that’s great. But if she gives her love but not her power, that relationship is doomed.

Female psychopaths, calling themselves feminists, point to examples of male psychopaths being psychopathic toward non-psychopath women, and misrepresent it as typical of how "men" treat "women" (the Patriarchy).

Modern (i.e., psychopathic) Feminism drops all of this context, and tells women “Stop giving away your power”, as an absolute. This makes it a vicious attack on healthy heterosexuality.

The Twilight of the Vampires
Vampire = psychopath = defective and inferior.

They are not heroes, they do not have superpowers, and there is no such thing as a good psychopath who fights the bad psychopaths because he loves a girl. The idyllic romance ‘tween Bella and whatz-his-name is the Trojan horse inside which that lie got smuggled into a generation of girls' minds.

No, vampires (psychopaths) don’t have fangs, or sleep in coffins, or burst into flames in the sunlight. That’s entertainment industry bullshit.

There has been a huge push in recent years for psychopaths and sociopaths, to portray them as just regular fellas (Sopranos), cool and interesting (Mad Men), doing justice – unlike those incompetent cops (Dexter), and even an oppressed minority (True Blood).

Just because they find themselves fascinating doesn’t mean you have to.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Tax Plan


50% on all income beyond the first $15,000 per year. 

(NO separate rate for "Capital Gains." There is no justification for that.)

Someone making $15K would pay zero.

$20K - $15K = $5000 divided by 2 = $2500 = 12.5%.

$25K - $15K = $10K / 2 = $5000 = 20%.

$65K - $15K = $50K / 2 = $25K = 38%.

$115K - $15K = $100K / 2 = $50K = 43%.

$915K - $15K = $900K / 2 = $450K = 49%.

$1 Million & 15K - $15 = $1M / 2 = $500K = 49.9%.

Now, some will say this is "punishing success." No, it's punishing greed, while being easy on the poor and fair to the middle class. Justice!


$4K per year for the first child, $3K / year for the 2nd kid, $2K / year for the 3rd, and $1K for the 4th.

If you can afford more kids, go for it. If you can't .. don't have them! We must not reward irresponsibility.


A clear majority of Americans can no longer afford a medium size house in good repair in a safe quiet neighborhood not more than an hour's drive from employment and shopping. (Isn't that part of what "middle class" used to mean, before it got redefined down over and over again?)

Partly that's because of the decimation of the middle class's income by inflation, but it's also partly because of the simultaneous explosion in house prices. And that explosion in prices was partly because of the giant house deduction (which helped the most ruthless monkeys a lot more than "regular Americans".) We need to rethink that.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Some Perspective On The Healthcare Reform SCAM

More than half of the improvement in health from 150 years ago 'til now is just from public sanitation (clean fresh water into homes & businesses, the sewer system, and garbage collection service).

Most of the rest is just from hygiene (doctors washing hands between patients is an application of preventing cross-contamination, same as we all routinely do in food preparation).

Those two together are responsible for more than 76% of the total improvement. The remaining less than 24% is split roughly equally between:

  • Police & Fire departments
  • Improvements in civil engineering (buildings & bridges don't collapse; compare to many recent news stories from 3rd world countries)
  • Laws & regulations that intervene in the marketplace to reduce the freedom of some people to maximize their profits by poisoning us all with pollution.
  • Alleviation of rank malnutrition (somewhat walked back over the past few decades by the anti-science Cult of the Low Fat Diet).
  • The Medical Sector of the economy, which markets itself as "healthcare".

So, healthcare accounts for less than 10%, and probably closer to 5% of the total improvement in health from 150 years ago til now. But wait, it's even worse than that! Virtually 100% of healthcare's contribution is just from the ER. You get shot or stabbed, or suffer from smoke inhalation during a house fire, or something like that; all through human history until recently, that would have ended your life. Now they can prevent your death until you have time to heal, and you might live for decades more.

In other words, the effect of everything else that healthcare does - vaccines, cholesterol-lowering drugs, anti-depression medications, the cut/poison/burn business model of cancer treatment (surgery/chemo/radiation), etc. - does not rise to statistical significance.

BOTTOM LINE: We, the USA, get literally NOTHING in return for MOST of the money we as a nation spend on "healthcare" every year.

The Dreaded "Socialized Medicine"

Yes, we should have a single-payer national healthcare system - but ONLY for the ER. This would save our country bigly money, and improve the lives of millions of people. (ONLY for citizens, of course.)

For long-term health creation and maintenance, the medical sector of the economy, as currently constituted, is actively harmful.

Fortunately, there are things you as an individual can do to take care of your own health & fitness:

How to sync diet with exercise

Most cancer can be prevented with nutrition

An easy AND FREE way to reduce and maybe even eliminate back pain

Drug-free ways to raise your testosterone

Signaling: the science of nutrigenomics - no DNA test required!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Diminishing Returns, Pareto's Principle, and Zeno's (Xeno's) Paradox

The Law of Diminishing Returns: The rate at which the increase in cost decreases is lower than the rate at which the increase in benefit decreases.

As teh interwebz says, "Few understand this."

An Example

One is a certain amount. Two is twice as much as one. Three is only 50% more than two. Four is only 25% more than three. Five is only 20% more than four.

Are you starting to notice a pattern? This can help you get the "most bang for your buck."

The 80/20 Rule 

A few centuries ago, an Italian accountant noticed that 20% of the population owned 80% of the wealth. Scrutinizing that 20% further, he saw that 20% of the 20% had 80% of the 80%.

This has since been found to hold true in many areas of life.

You can apply this to exercise; lifting one day a week should give you about 80% of the benefit of lifting 5 days a week. That can free up your schedule tremendously.

But Wait, There's More!

The 80/20 rule is a specific application; the Law of Diminishing Returns may manifest differently in other situations.

Let's say doing something six times gives you the maximum benefit you could get from doing that thing.

Doing it once might get you 25% of doing it 6 times. Twice might get you up to 50% of 6 times. Three times = 70%, four times = 85%, five times = 95%.

In that case, doing it 6 times would give 100%, no? Actually, no. Six times is 96%, 7 times is 97%, 8 times is 98%, 9 times is 99%.

So, 10 times is 100% of doing it six times?! Still wrong! Ten times is 99.1%

Bake Your Noodle

Eleven times is 99.11%. Gosh, this is starting to seem like Xeno's Paradox.

The closer you get to perfection, the more inefficient the effort becomes. Appreciating the Law of Diminishing Returns can save you wasted resources in real life.

Mmmm, Pie

Of course, if you sit down to eat a pie, the first two bites won't reduce the pie by half; if you eat 100% of the pie, you've eaten 100% of the pie.

The Law of Diminishing Returns and Xeno's Paradox don't apply to absolutely everything!

Monday, September 12, 2016

What Do Women Find Attractive In Men?

We men have long used a 1-10 scale to rank women on their hotness / desirability. Women (and men) have lacked a comparable scale for men, because what women find attractive in men is a bit more complicated. Well, I figured it out for you, and here it is:

The Score for Men

  • Height
  • Intelligence
  • Shoulders
  • Waist
  • Some Muscle
  • Middle-Class Money or above
  • Social Proof / Fame
  • High-Status Job
  • Good Looks
  • Personal Behavior / Game

Each is worth one point out of ten. So what’s your score?

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

When Did This Happen?

Did many years of "history".. never happen?!

There has been a stable and persistent cycle of 200 years warming and 200 years cooling for at least the past 1,800 years. Unusual events like comet dust or a major volcanic eruption are not needed to explain the wave-like behavior of civilization over time. (Such things happen, but are incidental and/or have the same - cosmic - cause.)

Official History has been at pains - and gone through some absurd contortions - to obscure this.

[Note: Events of 375 - 500 actually took place from 375 - 400, and Dark Ages was 400 not 500 years. In other words, it's been closer to 1,800 years than 2,016 years since year one of the Current Era (CE/"AD").]

1 - 200: Warming

The Roman Empire is doing well, expanding and stable.

200 - 400: Cooling

Food production declines, Roman Empire spread too thin, fractures into East & West. By 375, growing season gets too short in Northern part of temperate zone to sustain tribes, Volkerwanderung/"wandering of peoples" (deliberately misleading), hundreds of thousands of (hungry) people all descending on Roman Empire en masse from N. Europe & N. Central Asia (Huns).

By 400, W. Roman Empire ceases to exist qua Roman Empire.

400 - 600: Warming (corresponds to 500 - 700 of Official History)

First half of "Dark Ages." Warming period could have enabled increased food production leading to increase in population in Europe (as happened later), but recent collapse of civilization meant they could not take advantage of it.

The Muslims took advantage of it by expanding rapidly throughout the Middle East, across N. Africa, and up into Spain.

600 - 800: Cooling (corresponds to 700 - early 900's of Official history)

In the first half of this cooling period, Charles Martel stopped the Islamic expansion into France, and his grandson Charlemagne followed on from this by conquering France, Germany, and N. Italy. As the cooling continued, however, Charlemagne's progeny were not able to hold his empire together.

By the end of the first century of this cooling period, the Vikings had begun their raiding, driven south by lack of food. The progressing cold in their homelands pushed them farther and farther South and East (to Constantinople) throughout the 2nd century of the period; many Vikings switched from raiding to settling down, esp. in the British Isles & N. France.

800 - 1000: Warming (corresponds to mid 900's - 1200 of Official History)

The vaunted Medieval Warm Period (MWP). Charlemagne's conquering had Christianized most of W. Europe, restoring some stability relative to the immediate post-collapse era. Thus, they were able to make use of the warming this time, greatly increasing food supply & more than doubling the population.

By the end of this warming period, the Vikings had settled Greenland (h/t Razib Khan for this link, via @hbdchick), and reached N. America.

1000 - 1200: Cooling (corresponds to 1200 - 1400 of Official History)

For nearly the first half of this cooling period, Europeans (esp. Western) rode the momentum of the Medieval Warm Period. By the "1290's" (of the Official Chronology), that had run out, and the situation went bad fast.

The 2nd half of this cooling period ("the 1300's"/actually 1100's) is described by modern historians as "disastrous", "horrific", and a time of "crisis" & "catastrophe". I suspect some significant minority of the deaths attributed to the Black Death were directly and/or indirectly from the drastic drop in food supply, itself directly caused by the cooling, which was quite severe by 3/4's the way through this 200 year  period.

It was also the time when the "Hundred Years War" started; the Official History will only admit to social and economic causes, usually downplaying or ignoring the cold weather.

1200 - 1400: Warming (corresponds to 1400 - 1600 of Official History)

The first half of this warming period saw the Renaissance, starting in Italy.

In the 2nd half of this warming period, the Europeans began sailing all over the earth.

1400 - 1600: Cooling (corresponds to 1600 - 1800 of Official History)

Again, like with the first century of cooling after the MWP, the European peoples were enjoying the momentum from the previous warming period as the planet began cooling. And again, throughout the 2nd half of the cooling, as cold weather decreased food production, social & economic pressures continued to build up on the governments of the day. This led to the American and French revolutions. (Think of the famous painting of George Washington standing in the boat, with boulder-sized chunks of ice floating in the river.)

The use of the term "Little Ice Age" is (again, deliberately) misleading, as it implies an unusual - or at least very rare - occurrence. In fact, as you've just seen, it is quite usual. There is this 200 year cooling period every 400 years - if not always as severe as the most recent one.

1600 - 1800: Warming (corresponds to 1800 - 2000 of official History)

The warming of the first half of this 200 year period gave us the Industrial Revolution, with the 2nd half corresponding to what we've all been taught to call "the 20th century."

The Global Warming hysteria/hoax has been a psychological warfare operation by the "Elites" to mis-direct our attention from exactly what this article is about.

1800 - 2000: Cooling (corresponds to 2000 - 2200 of Official Timeline)

We have only just begun a 200 year cooling period..

Paintings, etc.

Have you ever noticed that almost all the paintings, drawings, carvings, etc. - every kind of visual representation - from the Dark Ages until about 300 years ago depicting historical events is allegedly anywhere from decades to centuries after the fact?

Go ahead, look!


If this cycle of 200 years of warming/200 years of cooling has been stable for 2000 years, then the transition of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire would have been final 1/4th  of a 200 year cooling period.

If the cycle has been stable for over 3000 years, the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization would have been right at the end of a 200 year cooling period. As the Arctic circle descended upon N. Europe, that would have pushed people living there down into S. Europe, which would have in turn pushed (at least some of) the people living in S. Europe at the time into the Mediterranean - to become the Sea Peoples.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Object of Empires

Whoever has The Object is the most successful culture on the planet while they have It - but It can be taken by force.

Ancient Egypt

Obviously the Egyptians had It "first" (I don't know who made It or where It came from. The Ancient Egyptians apparently didn't know how to make one; witness them tearing out across the desert, desperate to get It back. And thereafter, their culture/civilization declined. But I'm getting ahead of myself.)

The culture of Ancient Egypt lasted for thousands of years, with accomplishments in art & architecture that still affect the world to this day.


The whole reason he went back was to get The Object. He was willing to risk his own life, and that of his children (or a fate worse than death). He had the highest level of insider knowledge, but he had to hide his identity. He wore a veil, and had someone else speak for him, because someone in the Egyptian royal court would have recognized his face and/or voice. (I'm here treating the OT account as "mythicized history", rather than completely made up as some have alleged.)

"Let my people go!" was a retcon. The rulers of our world have been committed to keeping this knowledge from the masses.

The Old Testament of the Christian bible clearly describes the dangers of this Object, and the several people who were killed simply by not following the instructions on the proper handling of It. [The OT reference to The Object as an "Ark" & - physically - a box is not necessarily Its only form/manifestation; the Templars (see below) were said to have a "head" that they used to communicate with.. something.]

Apparently, not everyone can make as good use of possession of The Object; there is no evidence of great artistic, scientific, or philosophical accomplishment by the Jews or Hebrews during the centuries they had It. (One could argue that their religion - i.e., their unique synthesis of Egyptian & Middle Eastern religions of the time - has had outsized influence on world history, but that's complicated by social control agendas of more recent authorities.)

Classical Greece

Although Athens was the place where the Greeks made their advances in everything but warfare, it was the military strength of Sparta that enabled the Athenians to explore concepts freely.

As the Babylonians sacked Jerusalem in 597 BC, and as there is no evidence to indicate the Babylonians or Persians ever had It, I deduce that It made Its way over to Greece before then. Sparta rapidly militarized sometime between 700 & 600 BC, so that fits. (How exactly the Jews or Hebrews lost It to the Greeks I haven't discovered yet.)

Sparta maintained its political independence until all of Greece was subsumed into the Roman sphere of influence, after which The Object was in Rome.


The City had long since become deeply and thoroughly corrupt by the time Constantine became emperor of the whole Roman Empire in 306*. He knew The Object needed a safer, more stable place to rest; Byzantium could be rebuilt into something much more defensible. He renamed it after himself - Constantinople - and that's where It remained .. until the 4th crusade.

*of the official chronology. The rewriting of history, pertaining to when things happened, is a whole-nother article.

The Fourth Crusade

The Templars were digging in the temple in Jerusalem to find certain documents about The Object; maybe they theorized It existed but weren't sure, or just needed to learn how to control It. Once they found this information, they returned to France to drum up the money & papal support (they needed a good excuse to sell to the masses why a Christian army was waging a crusade against a Christian city) necessary to forcibly take It from the Eastern Roman Empire.

Either the king of France & the Pope let the Templars keep It, or didn't know they had It; either way, a later king of France decided to take It from them. Again, a story had to be told, to explain to the masses why a Christian order of knights was being attacked by the king. The king of France accused them of financial misdeeds, and the Pope (recently elected, from France, stayed there instead of moving to Rome as usual, Templars suddenly re-branded as "bad, all bad" & destroyed soon after - hmmm) piled on with allegations of heresy.

The reports of Templars being tortured "into confessing" was probably the king trying to find out where It was and/or how to use It.

The High Middle Ages and Renaissance

The history of wars raging throughout Europe from the time of the betrayal of the Templars up through the 20th century is the history of people trying to muster the military might to take The Object from whoever had It at a given time.

The Sun King

Louis XIV, king of France, had It for his reign; however, he expanded his country's reach too fast, which, combined with his own corruption, left France unable to keep it.

The Industrial Revolution

The UK got It from France at the end of the Seven Years War (aka "the French & Indian War"), and kept it until World War 2.


Apparently, England gave It peacefully to the United States during or, most likely, immediately after the second world war. Perhaps they were afraid that communist China or the USSR might be able to take It from them.

This is why the US Government has been obsessed with having a military so big and powerful that the whole rest of the world combined could not conquer them.

Unfortunately, having this Thing (whatever It is/does), the USA has been able to remain very successful even as it took on more & more societal dysfunction over the past several decades. This appears to have now finally reached a breaking point.

The Future

So long as It exists on this planet and is operational, there will be war(s). The best thing to do would be to "kill" It, so that no one would have It; however, everyone who has taken It by force has apparently thought It was well-nigh indestructible.


For those who are skeptical (but not terminally so), take a look at an historical atlas.


I have to thank Tom of Montalk (esp.; and David Wilcock, whose recent Cargo Cult article really sparked me to flash on this; and of course Graham Hancock, for his great work on the Ark & many other things.