Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Natural Order, pt. II : Predators and Prey

Prey animals - like cows, chickens, turkeys, and deer - have eyes on the sides of their heads, sacrificing depth perception to gain the advantage of early warning. We ( humans ) are a predator species; we have eyes in the front of our heads, giving up early warning system in favor of depth perception. We are hunters, killers, eaters.

Predators eat prey - it is natural and Good. For predators to hunt predators is a violation of The Natural Order, aka "Evil."

Just when U thought it was safe to go back in the water

From a shark's point of view, a surfer looks just like a seal. Sharks hunt mostly by smell anyway - they're very nearsighted. That's why most shark "attacks" are on surfers, and most attacks aren't fatal. The shark takes a bite, realizes the taste isn't right, and releases and swims away. People lose arms and legs that way, but we are not their natural food; it's a case of mistaken identity.


Reptile predators don't seem to have any compunction about eating other predators - dogs, cats, even humans. It's just a matter of size; if a snake or croc is big enough, it might try it. This is why we humans have a natural aversion to the reptilian. And maybe it also explains something a bit more "out of this world"...

Juan Matus vs. The Archons

"We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives."

"In Gnostic cosmology, Archons are a species of inorganic beings that emerged in the solar system prior to the formation of the earth... As inorganic entities of two types, embryonic and reptilian, Archons can at moments penetrate the terrestrial atmosphere and terrorize humans... Hence, Archons are psycho-spiritual parasites." [Emphasis added.]

Perhaps this is why we perceive them as reptilian, when they "hunt" us. This is not a case of mistaken identity; they, being 4D beings,

know we are not prey, and they prey on us anyway.

The words "Evil" and "parasite" are both correct.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

What's America's Problem?

The USA Has An Evil Kultur

A culture of rejecting reality, denying the truth, and choosing what to believe ( all the while loudly praising itself for being "the greatest country on Earth" ). It is very conducive to leaving people to fend for themselves ( which is why it is done ).

To leave people who have never gotten their needs met - and in fact have been under relentless, insidious attack their entire lives ( most people ) - to fend for themselves is evil. It requires that everyone be superhuman, which is pretending that reality doesn't exist.

"It's Tradition"

It goes back to the founding of our nation. Ben Franklin went to France to get money for the revolution, without which the "war for independence" would have been toast, but when he got back, the Continental Congress refused to reimburse him for his expenses. Even then, they preferred the insane fantasy of George Washington, barefoot in a blizzard, overthrowing the British with no resources and no help. It was a lie; it is a lie.

Katrina Aftermath

We saw it in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Millions of people in this country who had not seen it before suddenly saw that the government is not going to take care of you, even when something so huge and powerful hits. The government had to be shamed into acting.

( On a related note: those who watched the TV coverage during that first week after it hit saw something heretofore unimaginable - the media stopped pretending. They are humans and, although they normally are fake as hell, they were obviously deeply affected by what they were witnessing. There was even some conflict between the people in the studio, who were still trying to pretend, and the reporters on the scene, who were shocked into being real. I saw Tucker Carlson get real! That's something I never thought I'd see. He was pissed. He was trying to maintain his professionalism, but you could tell he was fuming inside. But I digress... )

Single Payer

The simple lack of a national health care system in this country is a significant way we leave people to fend for themselves. It creates an environment that selects for qualities like: shallow, callous, greedy, ignorant, & arrogant.

The Fact Of Evolution

This is exactly why The Faith-Based Community ( the people who are in love with the insane fantasy ) are desperate to "challenge" evolution. They don't just object to Darwin's proposed mechanism of evolution, which he called "natural selection" ( which a huge amount of evidence supports ); they must oppose the concept of evolution itself.

If they were to admit evolution, then they couldn't believe in their insane fantasy anymore.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Grail Is Not The Stone

The Sacred Feminine

In the 12th century, french epic poet Chretien de Troyes ( literally, "a christian from Troyes" ) wrote the 1st Grail Romance - " Perceval, the story of The Graal. "

Why? Oh, I know the b.s. about his patron, Philip of blah blah blah. But why that story? Why those elements? Why that imagery? Shockingly to most people today, the original Grail story has nothing to do with Jesus. ( Question for speakers of The Green Language: what kind of christian would a "christian of Troy" B? )

The Goddess religion had a multi-thousand-year history in Europe, nowhere more strongly preserved than France. As of the 12th c., Pauline Xtianity - with a freaking ghost supplanting The Goddess - had been around long enough that the long-standing veneration of the Female was endangered. "Chretien" wove together some old pagan legends with some, carefully selected, elements of Xtianity to preserve That Which Matters Most.

As Jean Markale's brilliant work, "The Grail: The Celtic Origins of the Sacred Icon", makes clear, you cannot separate 1) the bleeding lance, 2) the candelabras, 3) the beautiful young girl, and 4) the grail itself. These 4 Elements are the different facets of a multi-faceted image. Consideration of each 1 in isolation is useless.

In Chretien, The Grail is a container of life: The Grail is the "container" of the man's "lance." And The Grail is the womb, the container of new life growing within. And The Grail is Woman, the container of both of these. In the original Grail story, The Grail is the Sacred Feminine; since it has been Lost ( wed., 9PM EST, on ABC ), The Land is The Wasteland.

Wolfram and Hart

Wolfram von Eschenbach, "a German knight and poet"

enter'd the scene, and messed everything up for everybody with statements like "This stone is also called the Grail" and "It is called lapis exilis". ( He couldn't even get "lapsit exillis" right. ) His version of the story has redirected seekers from Chretien's whole point for centuries.

He professes to be illiterate and to have dictated Parzifal, so that could explain the lapis thing. However, he also expresses disdain for Chretien's version - "The phenomenon is compelled to identify itself."

The seeking of the Stone of the Philosophers is very worthy, and ultimately involves The Grail if you get far enough, but they are not the same thing.

My article "Alchemy 4 Dummies", in Jan 2005 archive, is "Gold, Jerry, gold!".

Like an AP course in The Grail

Comparing and contrasting Chretien's Perceval with the Mabinogion's Peredur is not for the faint of heart, or the beginner.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The True Cause of Global Warming

( Note: This article is built on my Feb 05 article, " Vibration Isn't Charge ", and my Jan 05 article, " Alchemy 4 Dummies ". )

Global Warming
If you put a lot of energy into a circuit that has a lot of resistance, that circuit is going to heat up.

There are now over 6 billion people on the planet; every 1 carries a charge. The wave of energy coming in to this planet now is enough to lift it, and us, up to 4D; however, most people have a negative charge, which would have them going to 4D on the negative path. They don't want to be evil, but they don't have the time to follow the clues and connect the dots ( because they are kept distracted/busy ), so they choose the only other option currently available to them: resistance.

And it is that very resistance which is causing the planet/circuit to heat up.

Electricity Does Not Exist
We should speak instead of " electrics ", a field of scientific inquiry, like " physics " and " optics. " Electrical energy, electric current, and electrons are 3 different things. For a great explanation, see

Prima Materia
" Japanese physicists have demonstrated for the first time that iron becomes a superconductor under high pressure. Iron loses its strong ferromagnetism - which usually destroys superconductivity - at pressures around 15 gigapascals. Katsuya Shimizu and colleagues at Osaka University showed that compressed iron superconducts at temperatures below 2 kelvin...Iron has a body-centred cubic structure under ambient conditions, which gives rise to its ferromagnetism. Under high pressures, however, it transforms to hexagonal close packing structure, in which ferromagnetism is not thought to exist. " [Emphasis added]

" The onset of superconductivity is accompanied by abrupt changes in various physical properties, which is the hallmark of a phase transition. For example, the electronic heat capacity is proportional to the temperature in the normal (non-superconducting) regime. At the superconducting transition, it suffers a discontinuous jump and thereafter ceases to be linear. "

Sentinels - Designed For Just 1 Thing
SQUIDs ( Superconducting QUantum Interference Devices ) " are also used as precision movement sensors in a variety of scientific applications, such as the detection of gravity waves. "

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Big Bang Is Wrong

The " theory " ( in quotation marks because it is not scientific, and therefore not a theory ) which is now known as the Big Bang was formulated by a Jesuit priest ( ) , specifically to accommodate the Creation-ism of Christianity.

It is wrong, and the universe is not expanding.

2 Options, No Power

The Matrix likes to set up 2 options, and pretend they are the only 2 options; if you accept this premise, and if you can be convinced ( " prove " ) that 1 of the options is incorrect, then you have to accept the other option. This is how mainstream politics works, for example.

This was done with cosmology in the 20th century. The 2 options were the " Steady State " theory ( taken to mean the universe is unchanging ) and the " Big Bang " theory. Evidence that the universe has undergone some changes " disproved " the Steady State Theory, so the Big Bang was " proven " the right 1.

Unfortunately for them, the evidence contradicting the Big Bang theory has been increasing for decades. Unfortunately for us, the Culture of Obedience has produced a group of cosmologists who accept the 2 option set-up, and so react to this evidence by trying to make it fit the Big Bang model ( to this end, they just keep making up more mystical gibberish - 1st it was neutrinos, now it is the mysterious " dark matter " ).

What Is Energy?

Energy is the capacity to do work, or the capacity of a system to change state. It is a property of matter.

A wave of energy is a disturbance of a medium that propagates through that medium in the form of a wave; if there is no medium, what is waving ?

The Red Shift

From " Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy ", by Donald Hotson A lot of it is wrong ( esp. the use of " must be " ), and the conclusions are not quite correct, but the following section is spot on.

" Among the characteristics of real waves in real physical media is friction. However efficient the transmission, some energy must be lost in the process. This is a characteristic of all real waves, and is a requirement of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. One way of expressing the Second Law is that any transformation of energy must entail a loss of energy... So natural is this expectation that, in 1921, the German physicist Walther von Nernst predicted that light from distant sources would be found to have lost energy in transmission (von Nernst, 1921). Then, later in the decade, Edwin Hubble (1929) published a finding showing exactly that. The characteristic spectrographic emission lines of light from distant galaxies, he showed, are shifted into the red end of the spectrum, indicating a loss of energy apparently proportional to the distance the signal has traveled, thus exactly fulfilling the Second Law and von Nernst’s prediction ... Nothing could be more normal and natural, and consistent with the laws and eternal verities of physics, than that light, like every other real signal, should lose energy in transmission over long distances. That the measured loss of energy is proportional to the distance traveled is direct evidence that light is a real signal in a real medium that obeys the Second Law. This interpretation is further supported by von Nernst’s valid, a priori scientific prediction, which was fulfilled by Hubble’s findings. But will you find this logical chain of events, including this fulfilled scientific prediction, mentioned in any mainstream treatment of the red shift? Not a chance. This is because this natural frictional loss of energy was somehow interpreted as a Doppler shift, supposedly indicating that everything in the universe is rushing madly away from us in every direction at velocities approaching light speed. " [ emphasis added ]

So, the very evidence that you have been told proves the Big Bang actually proves the existence of the aether, and that the universe is not expanding.

The Dreaded Aether

The essence of Science is to find out what actually exists; the Scientific Method, therefore, consists of testing ideas against Reality to find out whether they are true or not.

Th aether is " a fluid in order to fill space, millions of times more rigid than steel in order to support the high frequencies of light waves, massless, completely transparent, non-dispersive, incrompessible, continuous, and without viscosity. "

This is what Reality has turned out to be. Don't like it? Too bad.


The Michelson-Morley Experiment is claimed to have tested the aether, and disproven it. Both are untrue. The MM tested the hypothesized aether wind, and they ( and all subsequent replications and modifications ) performed the test only on Earth. The MM proved that the aether wind is not detectable on the surface of this planet; la dee da.

An Electric Universe

The Standard Model ( ) tries to explain the whole universe with just gravity; the plasma cosmologists ( e.g. Eric Lerner & Hannes Alfven ) and electric universe-ists keep trying to do away with gravity altogether ( much like the SM'ers tried to do to the aether ).

Try these links for more info on Electric Universe:

The 3 Fundamental Forces

The Standard Model says there are 4 Fundamental Forces, and now they even want to change it to " Interactions " ( taking after their prototype, Einstein, they don't like the idea of a " Force " ). Recent evidence, however, has shown the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces are explainable as effects of Electromagnetism, and therefore are secondary, not fundamental, forces. So we are left with only Electromagnetism and Gravity, which they are now trying to combine into 1. To do this, they are trying to combine Quantum Mechanics & Relativity, which is why they cannot do it ( see " Einstein Was Wrong " & " Quantum Mechanics Is Wrong " March 2005 ).

In Reality, the 3 Fundamental Forces are Gravity, Levity, and Electromagnetism ( which is why Adam McLean's Alchemy website is at ). Gravity and Levity balance each other ( which is why we are neither crushed nor fly off the Earth into space ), and Electricity and Magnetism balance each other ( perpendicular-wise ); the 2 pairs, in turn, balance each other. This is why both the Standard Model's denial of Electromagnetism's role in the cosmos and the plasma/electric partisans' denial of gravity are wrong.

As usual, 1 side has half the truth and half the lie, and The Other Side has the other half of the truth and the other half of the lie.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Einstein Was Wrong

Albert Einstein: Eccentric Genius, or Agent of The Matrix?


He failed math, couldn't get a position as a teacher ( because everyone found him irritating ), treated his 1st wife like dirt, divorced her, married again, treated her like dirt too. Einstein considered himself a pacifist and a humanitarian; in reality, he was a supporter of Zionism.


Destroy the aether.

Step 1: Establish Credibility

Einstein 1st published papers on " Brownian Motion " ( proving the existence of atoms ) and " The Photoelectric Effect " ( explaining the " black-body radiation " by hypothesizing the quantization of light ); these were good science, establishing some credibility for Einstein.

Step 2: Special Relativity

In 1905, he published the Special Theory of Relativity, which is based on the speed of light in a vacuum. Since there's no such thing as a vacuum ( the aether is the medium through which the disturbance propagates ), Special Relativity is wrong. This is why Einstein was subjected to ridicule and scorn by the real scientists of the day when he 1st published this - not because his " theory " was so advanced, but because it doesn't make any sense; it's gibberish.

Those who were willing to pretend that it made sense were rewarded with funding and titles; those who did not were ( and are ) dismissed and ridiculed as " cranks ". From
" In Einstein's view, many of them simply could not understand the mathematics involved. " This is a typical reaction of the psychopath to anyone who dares to call him on his lie; I'm only surprised he didn't tell them to " go see a psychiatrist ".

( Note: French astronomer Camille Flammarion, in his novel Lumen, had described riding a beam of light, and what that would look like to the rider - it was 1st published in 1872.)

Bell's Theorem also " proves " ( mathematically ) that Einstein's Relativity is wrong - the supposed speed of light is not sacrosanct. In 1982, Alan Aspect, et al, in a series of experiments, proved Bell's Theorem true - " spooky action at a distance ", indeed.

Step 3: General Relativity

In 1915, Einstein published the General Theory of Relativity; this was yet another attempt to " eliminate " the aether, attacking the " problem " from another angle. Positing that length, width, and height are united with time, he explained away the Force of gravity as the curvature of this " fabric of space-time ".

( Flammarion said, in 1921, " A space with a shape, curved! Mr. Einstein, you know that space-time, the fourth dimension, is already in the Encyclop├ędie de Diderot et D’Alembert. But it has not a shape! " )

This was allegedly proved in 1919, during a solar eclipse, with the observation of light curving around the Sun. However, it was long known that a wave propagating through a medium would curve around an object, so when they " confirmed " that light curved around the Sun, they did not confirm General Relativity. Why, then, did they take it as confirmation of it? Because the whole point was to get rid of the aether. Einstein's alleged motivation - that he didn't like gravity being a " mysterious force " - was a smokescreen.

Stupid Einstein Dummy Boy

Well, Agent Smith, er, I mean, Albert Einstein didn't get everything wrong; his statement about the Uncertainty Principle - " God does not play dice " - was right on the money.

Way to go, Einstein.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Quantum Mechanics Is Wrong

( Note: I assume a familiarity with the concepts involved; if you need a primer/refresher, I recommend
" Quantum Mechanics " , and
" Wave-Particle Duality " .)

The Photon

In 1905, Albert Einstein proposed, as a solution to the " Photoelectric Effect ", that light waves form into packets, called " quanta ". There is always a whole number of waves in a quantum ( packet ), and the packet, as a packet, can behave like a particle under certain conditions. This is why photons have some characteristics of a particle and some characteristics of a wave.

A photon is a packet of waves of energy; it is not a particle.

The Electron

From, " In 1924, de Broglie claimed that all matter has a wave-like nature ". Modern " Science " ( which is very unscientific ) now claims this has been " confirmed " with sub-atomic particles, and even with atoms and molecules.

Oh, I'm sorry, that's wrong.

The 4th Spatial Dimension

( A good intro to the 4th Spatial Dimension is )

To get the electron ( or any particle ) to exhibit these effects, they have to shoot it out of an "electron gun " ( the " slit experiment " has not actually been done with a particle very many times, BTW, but you have to dig to find that out ). Doing so artificially puts enough energy into the electron for it to temporarily acquire some of the qualities of a 4D particle ( specifically: flowing like a fluid, bilocation, teleportation ); in performing the 4D " manuever ", it expends that energy, and then drops back to its natural, 3D, state.

There is no such thing as " wave-particle duality ".

The Electron Microscope

The electron microscope does not use light, it uses electrons shot at a material. Electrons, being particles of matter, don't have a " wavelength". So where is the picture coming from? The computer that is connected to the electron microscope turns the results into an image with a program written ( by some person ) to do that; what is the code ( to instruct the computer what to do ) based on?

This cannot legitimately be called " scientific ".

No Such Thing

There are no such things as fermions, quarks, hadrons, bosons, neutrinos, baryons, mesons, leptons, or Hilbert spaces. The smallest particles of matter are the electron, neutron, and proton; they are particles of matter, not " wavicles " or " wavefunctions".

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Vibration Isn't Charge

Vibration is of frequency, higher or lower by degrees; " Negative " and " Positive " are properly descriptors of Charge.

The New Age Movement

When New Age gurus speak of " positive vibration " and " negative vibration ", that is like saying " salty cold " - gibberish! They also teach that you can switch your " vibration " from negative to positive just by thinking positive thoughts. In practice, this often becomes just putting on a Happy Mask - that's not how it works.

How It Works

Charge can be strong or weak, positive or negative; vibration is simply high or low. They are related ( see below ), but they are not the same thing.

If you have a negative charge, that's holding your vibration down; you need to switch the charge from negative to positive. Once you become aware that you have a negative charge, you first need to wean yourself off it; when you achieve weak positive charge ( positive charge is your natural state - negative energy beings are literally addicted ), nurture it for a time, and see if you can fan those embers into strong positive charge. Then it becomes possible to raise your vibration significantly, and keep it there.

You can rise to high vibration with negative charge, but it requires a strong negative charge, and you have to be really Evil to achieve that ( e.g., raping/killing ). Most people in this world at this point in time have weak negative charge, because they

> have been under attack their entire lives
> don't want to be Evil, but
> don't understand How It Works

A Few Examples will illustrate the point:

1.) Enron mo'fo's = high vibration + strong negative charge; their material needs are way taken care of, which Standard Fluffy Mysticism would equate with " positive vibration ", but their charge is so strongly negative that they feel they have a right to benefit from harming others ( so that, if their victims fail to effectively defend themselves, then " they brought it on themselves ." )

2.) Musician Jimmy Buffet, and Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges = high vibration + strong positive charge; both are very financially/materially successful, without having to do anything they don't want to, and without harming others.

3.) A person who is homeless and starving = low vibration + negative charge ( could be strong or weak ); blame, anger, fear/anxiety.

4.) Most people in the U.S.A. = low vibration + weak negative charge; so they have to struggle, expending a ton of time and physical & mental energy to try to overcome low vibration, with varying levels of " success ."


The word " negative " is from the Latin verb " negare ", which means " to deny "; in this ( metaphysical ) context, it means " to deny Reality ", or even " to reject The Truth " ( The Logos says, " I am The Truth, and The Way " ).

Telling the truth is always positive.
Lying is always negative.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Natural Order

In my article " The 1 True Religion "
( - January 2005 archive ) I referred to The Natural Order, and the need to live according to, or in harmony with, it.

Well, what does that mean? Here is an example to get you started.


Facts of Nature

The Day is a Fact of Nature; it is 1 complete revolution of the Earth on its axis.

The Year is also a Fact of Nature; it is 1 complete orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

The seasons are facts of nature, and they matter to the subject of The Natural Order, but in our society, we do not use them in time-keeping.

The Month is based on Nature, but the months we use in our current calendrical system are not the same as the months in Nature.

Day and Night are Facts of Nature, of course, as is Noon; Noon is when the Sun is at its highest point in the sky. Therefore, the Morning ( from dawn to noon ) and the Afternoon ( from noon to sunset ) are also facts of Nature.

Midnight, being exactly halfway between 2 Noons, is legitimate, even though it is a concept and not a Fact of Nature.

( For more on the difference between Facts of Nature and Man-made Facts, see Ayn Rand's " Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology ". )


The Second, the Minute ( 60 seconds ), the Hour ( 60 minutes ), and the Week ( of 7 Days ) are fiction; they are lies. In Reality, they do not exist.

Why, then, do you behave as though they exist?

Conspiracy Fact

The totality of the evidence strongly indicates that the Human Race is under attack ( see my article " Alchemy 4 Dummies " - January 2005 archive, for what to do about it ) by a group of beings/entities ( demons/aliens/whatever ) that have been described ( ) as " para-physical ".

Why do I mention this? Well, " they " seem to find it very important to get you to accept lies; there's some sort of energy relationship to that which is essential in keeping you "plugged into the Matrix ", as it were.

So here we have a good example of 1 of the more massive & dominating techniques to do this; if they can get you to accept that Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and Weeks - as presently defined - are real, and to behave according to that lie, then they have you literally lying all day, every day. ( If some different definition, 1 based on Nature, could be offered, that would be a different story. ) Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and Weeks are something that most people take for granted and do not question ( " We accept the reality with which we're presented " - The Truman Show ).

And so you begin to see why I equated The Logos with both " The Truth " and " The Natural Order ".


It is not enough to recognize the concept - you must actually change your behavior. Your ability to change your behavior is limited by the need to interact with society to some degree, but you can bring your own behavior into harmony with The Natural Order by some amount, and we can lead a revolution in society when the opportunity presents itself ( it will, and soon ).

What would we, as a society, do if we rejected this particular lie? Perhaps instead of " February 3, 2005 ", we would say " Day 34, the Year 2005, in the Month of Aquarius ". With that system, instead of the 7 day week, how would the " work week " work? Obviously, there would not be a work week; perhaps everyone could work every other day, with half the people working the even-numbered days, and the other half working on the odd-numbered days. Everyone would get off the holidays, except for essential personnel ( police, fire, military ). It's not the only system that could be Good, but it would be true to Nature, unlike the present system.

What " time " is your alarm set for? It's a lie.

The energy is waiting for you ( see " The Pillar of Celestial Fire " by Robert Cox ). You have to actually do it.

Did Someone Say Revolution?

I mentioned the word revolution in the above section; it's a word that gets used a lot, but not always in its correct meaning ( is the new product from Chevrolet really a " revolution "? ).

Revolution means " a radical change compared to the way things were done before " ( hey, that's not a bad definition for metanoia ... ).

Well, if we're gonna have a revolution, we may as well have a new Constitution:

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Proposal for a New Constitution of the United States of America

Update June 9, 2012

My thinking on this has evolved.


We, the people of the United States of America, hereby state the following to be true:

That all humans have, by factor of being human, certain rights, and that these include, but by no means are limited to, the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;

That any legitimate Government must have the protection of the people as its highest priority;

That Government is necessary, and can be Good;

That corporations are property, and that property does not have rights;

That the current Government has given corporations rights equal to, and in some cases exceeding, those of humans; and that, therefore, the current Government of the United States is illegitimate, and should be replaced with a legitimate 1.

The Government

There are currently 50 State governments + 1 National government, each as sovereign from each other as the National government is from the national governments of other nations ( that system is called " Federal " ). That is ridiculous and unacceptable; 51 Governments is 50 too many. 1 Nation must have 1 Government; It should be Unitarian and Unicameral.

That Government should have 3 levels: city, state, and national. The national level & the state level both should have 3 branches: Leglislative, Executive, and Judicial. At the city level, the voters should elect an uneven number of heads of departments ( e.g., Mayor, police, fire, commerce, & health) who would meet regularly to vote on issues facing the city, as a city council. The Judiciary at all 3 levels is separate.

The National Level

The Legislature

The Leglislature at the National level should consist of 1 body, to be called The Senate; 1 Senator shall be elected by all the legal adult citizens of each State to represent the interests of all the people of that State ( 50 States = 50 Senators ). Bills in the senate shall pass only with half the votes of the Senate + 1 ( that would mean 26 votes in favor ); Amendments to the Constitution shall require a 2/3 majority of the Senate and the signature of the President of the United States of America. There shall be no such person as " President of the Senate ".

Senators are elected for 4 year terms, with a maximum of 12 years.

The Executive

The Executive Branch is headed by the President of the United States of America, who enforces the laws and administers the programs of the national government. The President shall be elected thusly: the 2 Political Parties ( Democrat and Republican ) shall each nominate a candidate for President of the United States and a candidate for Vice-President ( known as " the Ticket " ); then whichever Party gets a majority in the Senate, the other Party's candidate becomes President. This will ensure that the National Government is both democratic and republican at all times.

The President therefore also serves a 4 year term, but with a maximum of 8 years.

The Judiciary

The Court system should stand separate from the Leglislative and Executive branches ( called " the Independent Judiciary " ) all the way from the lowest level of government ( City ) to the highest ( National ). All judges will be appointed, none elected; Judges should not have to pander to any constituency. The Rational temperament ( see my article " The 3 Types of People " in January 2005 archive at ) is strongly preferred for all judges.

Cases can be appealed on the facts, not only on points of Law, all the way to the Supreme Court.

Judges should be promoted from lower levels of the judiciary, with an age limit of 70 years.

The Justice System

The Rule of Law is, by itself, insane; the question, " Was justice done? ", must always be asked, and answered. A perfect system, that automatically produces a Good result, does not, and cannot, exist; Good people are always necessary. Laws are a safeguard against injustice, but become themselves a source of injustice if not tempered by human wisdom.

Some would like a Law they could apply to all situations, to free them from having to think; the only question then becomes, " Was the Law violated? ". Such a system has been proven to violate actual humans, and cannot legitimately be called " Justice ".

The State Governments

The State Governments will operate much as now, with 3 exceptions:

1.) The Governor, though gaining office in the usual manner, will be removable from office between elections by the President of the United States, not for political reasons, but to ensure enforcement of the Laws, and Justice.

2.) The State Leglislature shall, in every State, consist of only 1 body ( Unicameral ).

3.) The Judiciary stands separate, as described above.

The National Defense

The problems with the Military ( the Military-Industrial Complex ) almost always, and in the case of wars with other Nations, always, stem from the vaunted " Civilian Oversight " of the Military. The elected officials, and/or officials appointed by them, use the Military for nefarious purposes, to advance political and/or economic agendas. This is a criminal mis-use of the Military.

The people of the Military are highly honorable, their strength at the group level deriving from their commitment to each other, and to Duty, at the individual level. Therefore, I hereby propose what all will think radical, and some will think terrible:

Let the Military stand alone. No civilian oversight. The vast majority of the men and women in the Military are good people, wanting to do Good, desirous of protecting the people of this nation, and their freedoms, and willing to risk life and limb to protect not only our people, but all people, if so called upon. Let them do it. Let the Military run itself, according to Duty and Honor.

So long as there is civilian oversight of the Military, there will be no such thing as a non-Criminal President.


How will the Government be funded? Well, I'm glad you asked:

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

We Must Eliminate Money

It's Inefficient
As the Open Source (software) Movement has shown us, money causes unnecessary duplication of effort. Sure, you say, I can see that with software, because of how easy it is to copy information - but you can't do that with cars or houses.

Well, let's look at the scientific community in the modern era, which has given us all the neat stuff - from cars to computers, from refrigerators to airplanes - that we enjoy today. From

"The principle of sharing predates the open source movement; for example, the free sharing of information has been institutionalized in the scientific enterprise since at least the 19th century. Open source principles have always been part of the scientific community. The sociologist Robert K. Merton described the four basic elements of the community - universalism (an international perspective), communism (sharing information), disinterestedness (removing one's personal views from the scientific inquiry) and organized skepticism (requirements of proof and review) that accurately describe the scientific community today. These principles are, in part, complemented by US law's focus on protecting expression and method but not the ideas themselves. There is also a tradition of publishing research results to the scientific community instead of keeping all such knowledge proprietary. "

Did you notice the second to last line ? " These principles are ... complemented by US law's focus on protecting expression and method but not the ideas themselves." So, business/government allows this " communism " at the creation stage, because they know it's more efficient and effective, but then makes the results of that communistic creation ( the tech we have today ) " proprietary ", so they can charge us kazillions ( see " It's A Scam ", below ).

Without this unnecessary duplication of effort to make money, how much productive capacity could be freed to create a high standard of living for all? And what about the billions of people worldwide who never had the chance to find out what greatness they could create, that might benefit us all, simply because they had to make money to survive?

But wait, there's more. As Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation has labored to point out for many years, the "open source" movement itself was created to make the free software movement more palatable to Business; of course something valuable ( essential? ) was lost in the translation ( see ).

Money is inefficient, impractical, and immoral.
It's A Scam
1.) The Federal Reserve orders some money printed.
2.) The U.S. Treasury prints the money.
3.) The Federal Reserve buys the money ( it doesn't cost much to print the money ).
4.) The Federal Reserve then lends the money to business and government at interest.
5.) The Shareholders of the Federal Reserve then buy real goods ( gold, minerals, land, productive businesses ) with the fake money ( the interest paid ).

So, the whole U.S. economy is built on a scam.

For a glimpse of how deep the rabbit hole goes, see " The Myth of the Rule of Law " at .

Oh, I can hear you now: " that's because of paper money ", or " we need to go back to the gold standard ", or " blah blah blah ". Really? Were these problems non-existent then? They existed, and have only gotten worse. The best you can hope for with those solutions is to make massive problems slightly less bad. And in Reality, so long as there is money, it will always only be a matter of time 'til we reach the present state again.

Not good enough.

It's Evil
Money was created so that some ( very few ) would have a lot of it, and the rest ( the vast majority ) would have little to none; that is Evil. Money literally causes poverty. At the level of the individual, obviously having money is the opposite of poverty; at the level of the human race, though, the fact that money exists consigns the majority to poverty - that is why it is done.

From David Chandler's :

" Quoting from After Capitalism by political philosopher David Schweickart,

If we divided the income of the US into thirds, we find that the top ten percent of the population gets a third, the next thirty percent gets another third, and the bottom sixty percent get the last third. If we divide the wealth of the US into thirds, we find that the top one percent own a third, the next nine percent own another third, and the bottom ninety percent claim the rest. (Actually, these percentages, true a decade ago, are now out of date. The top one percent are now estimated to own between forty and fifty percent of the nation's wealth, more than the combined wealth of the bottom 95%.) " [ emphases added ]

( George W. Bush, John F. Kerry, and Osama B. Laden are all members of the richest 1%, BTW - but I digress ... )

As Thom Hartmann put it, " For example, every year, millions of Americans revisit Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" about Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob (and Tiny Tim) Cratchit. Yet somehow Americans fail to realize the subtext of the story (and so many of Dickens' other works). That subtext is that the middle class is not a normal thing: exploited workers are the norm. In fact, in the six-thousand-year history of the "civilized" world, a middle class emerging in any nation has been such a rarity as to be historically invisible. " [emphasis added]

We are taught, almost from birth, that civilization began @ 5,000 years ago; we are also taught that money began @ 5,000 years ago. They want us to believe that we have to accept money if we want the benefits of civilization.

What if it's a lie?

It's Unnecessary
What if there was a technology that was pollution-free and so efficient, it obviated the " need " for money?

Richard Hoagland, in trying to figure out why some planets " radiate more energy out into space than they receive directly from the Sun ", created what he calls " The Hyperdimensional Model" ( ). In it, he explains how 4D energy is " pulled down " into 3D by spinning bodies ( whirling dervishes, Neo spinning and hovering while fighting the Agents Smith in Matrix Reloaded ) - it's like " free " energy ( there's that word again ... ).

For those not versed in physics, an excellent intro to 4D is at

Some " conspiracy theorists " would say that the Secret Government already has this tech. However, because of The Culture Of Obedience, most of the " leaders " in business and government are quite stupid; so, it's entirely possible that they can't figure it out. Their modus operandi is to get us to figure it out for them, then declare that it's their property and charge us to use it just a little bit.

I have an even better idea ...

We must eliminate money now; not " eventually " - this year, 2005.

( Note: The people and websites referenced here have no affilition with the author, and do not necessarily endorse the ideas advocated in this article. )

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Thinker

sits on a mountaintop
everything at once
nothing at all.

sits in his living room
everything at once
on his
television screen.

sits in his living room
in himself
nothing at all.

sits on a mountaintop
everything at once
in his
book of poetry.

Faith Is Evil

1.) Reality exists

2.) Therefore, actions have consequences.

3.) Therefore, The Truth matters ( and that is why it matters ).

4.) Therefore, Good and Evil are objective.

What follows from this? You are required to love The Truth; you are not free to choose what to believe. It is not " just my opinion ", and it is not my decision.

In real life, as on Buffy, Faith is the Evil Slayer.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ban These 5 Things


We don't have to actually ban F completely. Fluoride applied topically to the teeth and gums - and then spit out - as in toothpaste, is OK, and may even have some benefit ( the much-touted cavity prevention ). However, the ingestion of F in any form has never been shown to be beneficial in any way, and in fact there is substantial evidence that it is harmful, esp. to the thyroid. And the F in tap water is - as Dr. Tim O'Shea put it:

" a toxic byproduct in the manufacture of nuclear arms, aluminum, cement, steel, and phosphates. Millions of tons of this poison are produced every year. Imagine the cost of containing and disposing of those mountains of waste every year. It's in the billions. But what if lobbyists from these industries could present "scientific studies" paid for by the industries, and provide for a continual stream of media presentations about the health benefits of fluoride, and create unimaginably lucrative positions for "research" and "education" within the American Dental Association and the AMA, and do all these things in a consistent and unending way, year after year? "

To learn more visit his website,

Also great is Mary Sparrowdancer's " The Battle of Darkness and Light " at Her website is at

The book The Fluoride Deception, by Christopher Bryson, is reportedly very powerful ( ), though I haven't had a chance to read it yet.


It stands for Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil ( which is how you will find it written on a list of ingredients ). Despite being vegetable oil, this stuff has been so processed that it digests more like plastic; and it's in almost everything in regular grocery stores, and many restaurants - esp. for frying ( our fries are cooked in 100% vegetable oil ! ). If you see the word " hydrogenated ", avoid it; if it comes after the phrase " 2% or less of ", I figure it's OK once in a while.

Whole Foods Market has mostly non-hydrogenated, but don't assume - I've seen PHVO in the list of ingredients on both Ben & Jerry's and Newman's Own, both of which said " all natural " on the front.

At , there is a ton of info on this subject and related subjects (e.g., canola oil not necessarily healthy, saturated fat not necessarily un-healthy ), and a ton of links all over his site.


MonoSodium Glutamate is a cheap substitute for the natural flavor enhancer in a certain type of seaweed; once U.S. companies got their hands on it, they started putting it in just about everything ( noticing a pattern? ). Don't give me this " it's only a problem for some people " story - it's a problem for everyone:

" When consumers refer to MSG they are referring to PROCESSED FREE GLUTAMIC ACID. If glutamic acid hasn't been processed, it doesn't cause adverse reactions. MSG is MANUFACTURED (and it has 30 different names... why?) MSG is NOT FOUND NATURALLY IN FOOD or in the human body. MSG is NOT IDENTICAL TO FREE GLUTAMIC ACID THAT HAS NOT BEEN MANUFACTURED. The glutamic acid found naturally in human beings and other higher organisms is not MSG. MSG enters the body through the mouth, through the nose, through the skin, and through the placental barrier. MSG can enter the brain through the blood brain barrier, which is incomplete through childhood, never intact in certain regions of the hypothalamus, and is easily damaged by things like a blow to the head, high fever, seizures, stroke, and the normal process of aging. MSG is potentially toxic to everyone. MSG can cross the placental barrier. MSG is most toxic to the unborn, to infants, to children, and to the elderly. MSG is found in medications - including vaccines. MSG is found in infant formula - with the greatest amounts found in hypoallergenic formula. MSG is found in liquid supplements given to the elderly. MSG is being sprayed on crops as they grow. MSG is HIDDEN IN AND ON UNPROCESSED PRODUCE that has been sprayed with plant "growth enhancers," fertilizers, and fungicides that contain MSG. MSG is being used in waxes applied to raw fruits and vegetables. MSG is hidden in PROCESSED food in ingredients that give no clue to the fact that they contain MSG. The glutamate-industry-sponsored research that claims to "prove" that MSG is safe is flawed to the point of being fraudulent. One of their tricks (and there are many) is to use MSG in placebos. "


AZT kills humans dead. The AIDS hoax, I said it, is a cover story for the toxic effects of Conventional Western Medicine. The promoters of the AIDS lie are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. , by Jon Rappoport , has a ton of disturbing but empowering info on this 1, and on a bunch of other subjects as well.


Aspartame is a proven neuro-toxin, and was rejected by the FDA on the basis of the evidence. Then Donald Rumsfeld ( that Donald Rumsfeld ? Yes, that Donald Rumsfeld ), as CEO of Searle, pulled some strings ( he had been Secretary of Defense under President Ford ) and the FDA approved it despite it having been proven poisonous. It is now in diet soda pop and many other drinks, and is marketed as Nutra-Sweet.

Here's some :

Monday, January 24, 2005

Alchemy 4 Dummies


Follow the clues and connect the dots, with an attitude of being willing to find out what the truth is about everything no matter what it turns out to be; that process is the action which will grow your awareness into a shield. Inside that chrysalis ( which the Alchemists called " the egg " ) the fractured self can fuse back into 1.

Definitely recommend doing it quietly at 1st, maybe even in secret; when you start to deviate from the behavior that The Matrix requires/expects, you will thereby subject yourself to hammering. That is a necessary part of the process, as it is that very hammering which will provide the heat and pressure to make you fuse; however, if you have not grown your awareness into a shield by following the clues and connecting the dots, the hammering would only be more fracturing.

Heating and Cooling

By John Clements, Director of the HACA
Excerpted from his book "Medieval Swordsmanship"

" The quality of steel in Medieval swords could vary from weapon to weapon. It depended a great deal on its heat treatment. Steel first needed careful forging and tempering (quenching and reheating). Steel is iron with a higher carbon content and is much stronger. Steel was made from selected iron ore by repeated heating in a hot charcoal fire. The addition of the carbon molecules improves the alignment of iron molecules. The raw metal was worked by hammer into a bar. A sword might be constructed from several separate pieces of iron and steel, each carefully hammered on. These were then "welded" together by hammering them when yellow hot (one X-ray of a Viking sword revealed it to have been forged from 58 separate pieces). Separate bars were also sometimes then added for edges. Finally, while still hot, the blade was worked into final shape and tempered by quenching (rapid cooling by plunging into a liquid bath). The steel was hardened by heating the shaped blade to a bright red color and then plunging it into a liquid bath (which could be oil, water, wine, honey, urine, or blood). This made the steel hard but also brittle. To temper it, the blade was then reheated to carefully soften it. A fine balance was needed between hardness on the edge for cutting and softness in the body for flex and durability. The tempered blade was then polished (sharpened) by a stone wheel. " [ emphases added. ]

And from

" For many, many centuries only a few master smiths knew the secret of how to make a sword of steel. And before that, steel and iron were once thought to be magical substances. There is evidence suggesting that the iron found in early artifacts was not man-made but was taken from the fragments of meteorites. In many primitive or prehistoric cultures, the word “ironactually meansstone (or hard substance or metal) from heaven”, “star metal”, or some other meaning suggesting an other-worldly origin. Chemical analysis of the earliest iron artifacts show the same percentage of nickel that is found in meteoric iron. During the last century, some “primitive” cultures have even been observed using iron from crashed meteorites to make various useful tools. " [ emphases added. ]

So, the steel is made from combining iron and carbon, heating and cooling, heating and cooling, then hammering to remove the impurities. Note the caution that this process can leave the steel brittle; you make it hard but flexible by reheating, but not as hot as before, and for a little more time.

Those who have ears, let them hear.

( Did you ever notice that Superman is the Man of Steel? )

The Metaphor

Stupid people been taking the metaphor literally forever. Time to get serious now.

The 4 Elements

Earth = the physical body
Air = the breath of life
Fire = emotion, esp. the burning desire to accomplish " the Great Work "
Water = spirit

The 5th Element

The 5th element is time ( it combines the other 4 elements within itself; it takes a certain amount of time to accomplish the Great Work ).

The Secret Fire


" This has been transcribed from 'In Pursuit of Gold' by 'Lapidus' ... the preparation of the 'secret fire' (the catalyst or solvent which is used throughout the whole work, without which nothing can be achieved, but which is seldom if ever mentioned in any alchemical treatise) ... The reader will note that the language is allusive and recondite, that several names are used to refer to the same thing and that one name is used to refer to several things. This is, however, an exceptionally clear alchemical text. "

The secret fire is consciousness; but not just any consciousness - a consciousness tuned to Objective Reality, The Truth, and The Good.


There's a real pretty poem called " Hermaphrodite Child of Sun and Moon " at Perhaps you will find it good?

Get a Clue, Dude

Those of you who think that seeking the gold of the Philosophers is a fool's errand might want to look into " iron pyrite ".

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The 2 Rules

There are 2 rules :

Rule # 1

You must eliminate any cost which does not make the product better.

Rule # 2

You must not eliminate any cost which does make the product better.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The 1 True Religion

The original trinity was God the Father, God the Mother, and The Son of God. This was psychologically healthy for the human race, and has the added benefit of being essentially correct. Christianity, a psychopathically patriarchal death cult, transformed "God the Mother" into "the Holy Ghost" specifically to devalue The Female, so as to unbalance the individual and the planet.

The Logos
Because God "spoke" the universe into being (vibration), The Son of God was also called "The Word" of God; in Greek, Logos. We are all the Sons and Daughters of God, but The Logos is the only "begotten" Son of God.
However, the concept of The Logos meant much more to The Ancients than the Son/Word of God; It also included concepts such as Balance, Proper Proportion,and The Natural Order.

The Old Testament
The Old Testament is a chronicle of a people moving between 2 poles as they move through history: being in harmony and being out of harmony with The Logos - The Natural Order. When they are in harmony with The Logos, things go well for them; then they think they don't need to make the effort to be in harmony with The Logos, and they slip out of harmony with It. After a time, a "prophet" arises to tell them what they don't want to hear - that the problems that beset them are not caused by others, but by their own failure to think, feel, act, and live in harmony with The Natural Order. The good news is that solving the problem is just a matter of rejecting The Lie in favor of "The Truth and The Way"/The Logos/The Natural Order/The "Son of God".

Jesus attained a state of understanding such that he channeled The Logos consciously, and embodied It in this world. So when Jesus said, "I am the Truth, I am the Way", he was speaking as The Logos.

The Man With 2 Brains
The left hemisphere of the brain ( which controls the right hand, and is linear & masculine ) responds to and is "reinforced" by ( in the psychological sense of the term) the written word. The right hemisphere of the brain ( which controls the left hand, and is intuitive & feminine ) responds to and is reinforced by the image. The pagan religions were all about the image, esp. as statues, which appealed to the right hemisphere, and produced illiterate cultures that valued The Female as Life-Giver.
However, apparently the left hemisphere felt neglected and unvalued in this scheme at the level of the collective unconscious. The imbalance created a rebound in the form of monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - which replaced the image of the Goddess with written words about an imageless male God. So, for @3 thousand years, we have had imbalance in the other direction (with the short-lived exception of The Age of Chivalry,with its black Madonnas and Quest for the Holy Grail.)
One example of The Natural Order is for the Male to lead the Female, in dancing as in life ( "He who does not dance does not know what is happening" - Gnostic proverb).
The reptilian brain ( at the top of the spinal cord ), on the other hand, fears being dominated by others, and so seeks to dominate others as a "pre-emptive strike." This domination is a violation of The Logos.

Man Save Man?
Will we as the human race pursue this path of unbalance right to our own destruction, like a giant Enron; or, will we combine what the right hemisphere values with what the left hemisphere values, to form 1 true religion? The clock is ticking...

"When you make the 2 into 1, then will you enter The Kingdom..."
The Coptic Gnostic Gospel of Thomas
(Davies translation)