Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dimensions, People, and Bodies

There are 9 Dimensions

1st Dimension: Length

2nd Dimension: Width

3rd Dimension: Height ( or Depth)

4th Dimension: Most people now accept that time is the 4th Dimension, as a result of Albert Einstein's Relativity bullshit; however, there is a 4th Dimension of space, making time the 5th Dimension, not the 4th. Yet another thing Stupid Einstein Dummy Boy was wrong about.*

5th Dimension: Time*

6th Dimension: The Aether ( the realm of light)*

7th Dimension: God ( the Creator of the universe )

8th Dimension: Infinity

9th Dimension: The final dimension, incomprehensible to us at our current level of evolution.

The fact that there are 9 dimensions is why 9 is the number of completion in numerology. It also indicates that there are 9 chakras, not 7 as commonly believed. Fortunately, you only have to develop the lower 7 chakras at this level.

*Different types of angels and demons exist at the 4th, 5th, and 6th Dimensions.

How Many Bodies Do U Have?

One-dimensional people only have the physical body; aka "Psychopaths". ("There's no there there."). Having no mental body, they cannot understand anything anyone says, including themselves. They can pretend to comprehend only because of the "spooky action at a distance" of the archon-hijacked Matrix.

2-dimensional people have the physical body and add the mental body; aka "normal people". (Length and width but no depth = shallow.)

3-dimensional people have the physical body and the mental body, and add the spirit body.

4-dimensional people: what is the 4th body? Alchemy is the attempt to acquire it, but our mostly 2- and only a little bit 3-dimensional language is not suited to describe it. The alchemical literature is therefore replete with strange and seemingly contradictory statements about "it". Since experience is what takes you from knowledge to understanding, only when you become a 4-dimensional person will you be able to say what "it" is.
Note on the Evil: The Archons started as 4-dimensional people, but cannot go any higher. More importantly, they cannot raise a human to the 4th level. They promise it as a reward for obeying them, and for helping them have their way on earth, and it is a lie. (The TV show Star Trek:Deep Space Nine represented 4 D evil people as The Founders, and 5 D good people as The Prophets/Wormhole Aliens.)

5-dimensional people can see and move through time as easily as we see and move about in 3D space.

6-dimensional people seem to be "made of light"; communicate with us sometimes through visions, more rarely appearing as angels/beings of light. (4D evil people use very convincing trickery sometimes to fool humans into perceiving them as this.)

There is only one 7-dimensional person: The true God.( The 4D evil person who is worshipped as "the one true god" by the followers of the hijacked and corrupted religions claims to be this - and he may really believe it - but he's a long way off, as you can see ).