Wednesday, December 23, 2015

No, Slavery Did NOT Contribute to the Success of the USA

Yes, slavery was practiced throughout the colonies and on into the States.

However, slavery was much lower incidence outside the "deep South" (the States which became the Confederacy during the Civil War).

The Northern-most States (the Yankees) wanted to force the South to give up Slavery upon the founding of the USA, but did not have the economic power to do so at that time (hence, the "3/5ths compromise").

By the time of the Civil War, the Northern-most strip of States and California had already outlawed slavery and the North had expanded West to the Great Lakes, giving them the economic power to force the South to give up slavery.*

The South was economically devastated by being forced to give up slavery, taking over a hundred years to fully recover. The rest of the country was not economically devastated by the Civil War, because slavery was not a part of their success, and never had been.

The wealth that the few rich White slave-owners in the South made was not shared with the rest of White America, and was destroyed by the Civil War.


So why has the USA been so spectacularly successful? Mainly because of four factors:

1) majority White
2) the rule of law
3) massive amount of natural resources that had not previously been exploited
4) protected by two oceans, one on either side (before the jet age)

*[Note: the USA let the South secede peacefully, but said they would get their property. When the Confederacy attacked Fort Sumter, it galvanized the rest of the USA to fight.]

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Civil Rights Movement Is a Psychological Warfare Operation

The CRM, if it ever was what it says it is, has long since become a psychwar op, the primary purpose (not the only purpose) of which is to get all White people to accept that all the bad things all Black people have ever experienced, or ever will experience (sometimes, just not getting what they want) is only because of White racism.

That is an Evil teaching, and the people who love that Evil teaching - White, Black, Asian, whatever - are Evil people.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jews' Ethno-Centric Ethical Double Standard

Throughout history, most Jews (an ethnic group, not just a religion) have understood the Ten Commandments to apply to Jews, not non-Jews ("Gentiles", "goyim").

For example: if a Jew lies to, cheats, or steals from a non-Jew, that is considered less unethical than if a Jew lied to, cheated, or stole from a Jew. (Note I said most Jews, not all.)

Most non-Jews - especially Christians - assume(d) that the Jews, being familiar with the Ten Commandments, would apply that ethical ("spiritual") understanding to "everyone." As you can imagine, when non-Jews who had assumed/believed that suddenly discover it is not - and never was - true, they feel betrayed.. and even angry.

The Jews - and many "Christians" - today refer to these historical incidents as "anti-Semitism" or "racism". They totally drop the context of most Jews' ethno-centric ethical double standard.


Jews are very over-represented (relative to their share of the U.S. population) in a few fields: the news media, the entertainment business, academia (schools), and science. Although science does take a certain amount of intelligence and focus to succeed at, and Jews are over-represented in hard science (physics, biology, etc.), they are much more over-represented in the soft sciences - psychology, sociology, etc.

This is not for the purpose of controlling our society. It is the result of a sort of Jews-only affirmative action that many (again, not all) Jews actually if un-officially practice.

However, it inevitably produces a certain, predictable, result. The Bernie Madoff story is a good example.

Bernie Madoff

When the Jews who work in the news media in the USA learned of Bernie Madoff's financial crimes, they had a much stronger reaction - psychologically and emotionally - than they did to other financial criminals being discovered at the time.


It wasn't just that Bernie was a Jew - it was that he screwed his fellow Jews. That is the number one no-no.

I am not alleging a conspiracy; no conspiracy is needed to explain it, nor even coordination. Those Jews in the MSM "naturally" found the story of a Jew screwing other Jews much more "compelling" than Jews or non-Jews screwing non-Jews, or even non-Jews screwing Jews. So, they covered it much more than many other financial criminals.

Over-represented, Part 2

Jews are also very over-represented in promoting, through their positions in news, entertainment, academia, and the soft sciences: open borders (for the USA, but not for Israel), multi-culturalism, Feminism, gay marriage, trans-gendered whatever, the White privilege lie, the male privilege lie, and the campus rape-culture hysteria (lack of evidence means get nowhere with police).

Notice a pattern?


So, what should our response be, as a country? Excuse, because "most persecuted"/"God's chosen"?

Because of the "troll" phenomenon, I have to be very clear. I am not talking about camps or killing. Certainly not.

But we can tell the truth of everything I have just described, in public and private, no matter how anyone reacts. Truth feeds Good, lies feed Evil.

We can also enforce our borders, and prosecute the trillions in financial fraud (another area where Jews are over-represented).


I don't care whether it's "racist." Is it true?

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Me for President!

I am announcing today my candidacy for President of the United States of America.

Why You Should Support Me for President of the USA

I would rather die than lie.

Truth feeds good. Lies feed Evil, no matter who tells them or why. There is no such thing as lying in the service of the Good.

I will not tell the lies that any person or group loves, no matter how I might be rewarded for doing so, no matter how I might be punished for not doing so.

I have refused to lie my entire adult life, and I have been punished severely for it.

You should support me for POTUS in 2016 for that reason alone, no matter whether you may agree or disagree with me about anything else.

My 10 Point Plan
  1. Prosecute the financial fraud in the Financial Sector.
  2. Prosecute the science fraud in the Medical Sector, and that related to the Global Warming Hoax.
  3. Prosecute all living former Presidents of the US, everyone who ever served in any of their cabinets, all current members of the US Congress, and all current members of the US Supreme Court for their many crimes, including Treason. If we can get any of them on Treason, we will seek the death penalty.
  4. Eliminate all subsidies to wheat, corn, soy, sugar, oil (petroleum), and banks.
  5. Tax Reform
  6. Enforce our borders: spoil the milk to reverse the tide.
  7. Remove the legal requirement for all employers to pretend that the distribution of inherited qualities is equal between men and women, or between the races.
  8. We must have a single-payer national healthcare system; that we don't is ridiculous, indefensible, and evil.
  9. No-one who has dual-citizenship with the USA and any other country should be allowed to hold elected or appointed office in the US Government.
  10. We must stop treating any country that has Sharia law as a friend or ally.  

We are an occupied country. Our country has been hijacked from within. 

"Our" government is deeply and thoroughly corrupt. You, my fellow Americans, will get scandal fatigue after I become President, as I will stop protecting all the lies and other crimes by numerous insiders.

It won't be pleasant, but we who have a conscience need for justice to be done for mental health.

Switch Focus

I know some will say that I have no realistic chance at actually becoming President. I say we need to switch our focus from what's possible to what's necessary.

Donald Trump has said some right things, but his success so far has been despite some very serious problems with him. He has had only weak competition until now. He is vulnerable.

Most Americans want real change. The money and people power are available... for the right person.

I am the right man for the job of US President at this very important moment in the history of our planet. I have the intelligence, knowledge on a wide array of subjects, values, morals, and character.

I am not a savior. I can't do it for you, and I can't do it without you. Together we will take our country back!