Thursday, November 17, 2005

What's America's Problem?

The USA Has An Evil Kultur

A culture of rejecting reality, denying the truth, and choosing what to believe ( all the while loudly praising itself for being "the greatest country on Earth" ). It is very conducive to leaving people to fend for themselves ( which is why it is done ).

To leave people who have never gotten their needs met - and in fact have been under relentless, insidious attack their entire lives ( most people ) - to fend for themselves is evil. It requires that everyone be superhuman, which is pretending that reality doesn't exist.

"It's Tradition"

It goes back to the founding of our nation. Ben Franklin went to France to get money for the revolution, without which the "war for independence" would have been toast, but when he got back, the Continental Congress refused to reimburse him for his expenses. Even then, they preferred the insane fantasy of George Washington, barefoot in a blizzard, overthrowing the British with no resources and no help. It was a lie; it is a lie.

Katrina Aftermath

We saw it in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Millions of people in this country who had not seen it before suddenly saw that the government is not going to take care of you, even when something so huge and powerful hits. The government had to be shamed into acting.

( On a related note: those who watched the TV coverage during that first week after it hit saw something heretofore unimaginable - the media stopped pretending. They are humans and, although they normally are fake as hell, they were obviously deeply affected by what they were witnessing. There was even some conflict between the people in the studio, who were still trying to pretend, and the reporters on the scene, who were shocked into being real. I saw Tucker Carlson get real! That's something I never thought I'd see. He was pissed. He was trying to maintain his professionalism, but you could tell he was fuming inside. But I digress... )

Single Payer

The simple lack of a national health care system in this country is a significant way we leave people to fend for themselves. It creates an environment that selects for qualities like: shallow, callous, greedy, ignorant, & arrogant.

The Fact Of Evolution

This is exactly why The Faith-Based Community ( the people who are in love with the insane fantasy ) are desperate to "challenge" evolution. They don't just object to Darwin's proposed mechanism of evolution, which he called "natural selection" ( which a huge amount of evidence supports ); they must oppose the concept of evolution itself.

If they were to admit evolution, then they couldn't believe in their insane fantasy anymore.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Grail Is Not The Stone

The Sacred Feminine

In the 12th century, french epic poet Chretien de Troyes ( literally, "a christian from Troyes" ) wrote the 1st Grail Romance - " Perceval, the story of The Graal. "

Why? Oh, I know the b.s. about his patron, Philip of blah blah blah. But why that story? Why those elements? Why that imagery? Shockingly to most people today, the original Grail story has nothing to do with Jesus. ( Question for speakers of The Green Language: what kind of christian would a "christian of Troy" B? )

The Goddess religion had a multi-thousand-year history in Europe, nowhere more strongly preserved than France. As of the 12th c., Pauline Xtianity - with a freaking ghost supplanting The Goddess - had been around long enough that the long-standing veneration of the Female was endangered. "Chretien" wove together some old pagan legends with some, carefully selected, elements of Xtianity to preserve That Which Matters Most.

As Jean Markale's brilliant work, "The Grail: The Celtic Origins of the Sacred Icon", makes clear, you cannot separate 1) the bleeding lance, 2) the candelabras, 3) the beautiful young girl, and 4) the grail itself. These 4 Elements are the different facets of a multi-faceted image. Consideration of each 1 in isolation is useless.

In Chretien, The Grail is a container of life: The Grail is the "container" of the man's "lance." And The Grail is the womb, the container of new life growing within. And The Grail is Woman, the container of both of these. In the original Grail story, The Grail is the Sacred Feminine; since it has been Lost ( wed., 9PM EST, on ABC ), The Land is The Wasteland.

Wolfram and Hart

Wolfram von Eschenbach, "a German knight and poet"

enter'd the scene, and messed everything up for everybody with statements like "This stone is also called the Grail" and "It is called lapis exilis". ( He couldn't even get "lapsit exillis" right. ) His version of the story has redirected seekers from Chretien's whole point for centuries.

He professes to be illiterate and to have dictated Parzifal, so that could explain the lapis thing. However, he also expresses disdain for Chretien's version - "The phenomenon is compelled to identify itself."

The seeking of the Stone of the Philosophers is very worthy, and ultimately involves The Grail if you get far enough, but they are not the same thing.

My article "Alchemy 4 Dummies", in Jan 2005 archive, is "Gold, Jerry, gold!".

Like an AP course in The Grail

Comparing and contrasting Chretien's Perceval with the Mabinogion's Peredur is not for the faint of heart, or the beginner.