Thursday, April 07, 2011

The 4th D: NOT Fluid?

[Note: Because the only reason anybody speaks in terms of "Densities" is channeled material, with no independent corroboration, I will speak of dimensions only.]

As I noted in my 2008 article Dimensions, People, and Bodies, there is a 4th spatial dimension, which makes Time the 5th dimension.

The somewhat good site Operation Terra gave me the idea of absorbing energy to move from 3rd to 4th D, with the analogy of an ice cube absorbing heat to change state (become liquid). This made sense - become more "energetic" to move up a level - and there's the odd behavior of UFOs and mothmen (plus an electron exhibiting wave-like properties in the slit experiment, which requires a HUGE amount of more-than-normal energy be put into that particle), so I had been thinking of 4th D as more "fluid" relative to this existence.

But what if they're not fluid? Dogs don't understand anything about cars or airplanes, so some of our comings and goings must seems quite bizarre/mysterious to them. Does that make us "fluid"?

Original Sin

We - "the human race" - used to be 4th D STS (Service To Self). We decided that we wanted to switch over to an STO (Service To Others) orientation, but that is easier said than done - the Food Pyramid doesn't want to let anyone go. So we asked for help, and a 6th D person agreed to help us. But everything has a cost...

The Fall

We - each of us individually - had to separate from our shadow selves. They remained on 4th D, while we "fell" to 3-dimensional consciousness. The task for each of us now is to re-integrate with the shadow without being dominated by it, thereby reversing The Fall but on the STO tip. Carl Jung's work on the shadow self in the field of psychology is not that itself, but is preparation for the real thing; a way to practice. The "Polar Bear" work of Boris Mouravieff also serves this purpose.

You used to be one, then you became two
Now that you are two, what will you do?
- "Jesus", Gospel of Thomas, #11

When you make the two into one...
Then you will enter the kingdom.
- "Jesus", Gospel of Thomas, #22

Q. To what, therefore, is the whole philosophic combination reduced?
A. The development of one into two, and the reduction of two into one, and nothing further.
- Paracelsus, Alchemical Catechism 

"In the shadow is the gold"- Carl Jung

Free Will

"The earth knows that he loves it and it bestows on him its care... Only if one loves this earth with unbending passion can one release one's sadness... The sadness belongs only to those who hate the very thing that gives shelter to their beings."
- Juan Matus, Tales of Power

The Greeks called this 6th D person "Sophia"; she gave us her body to live on and in. "The Earth" (Gaia) is our 3D-consciousness perception of her.

There is apparently a wide-spread belief - even among those who ought to know better - that there is a Cosmic Law requiring even the forces of Evil to respect Free Will. That is New Age-y nonsense. They obviously do not respect it, and violate it all the time... if they can. There's the rub. It's not a Law, it's just reality. To trump someone else's free will, a being has to be at least the same level. This means that 4th and 5th D Evil cannot do anything to us that The Goddess doesn't allow.

But here's where it gets tricky. In order to provide a possibility of what we're trying to accomplish, she severely limits the ability of 4th, 5th, and 6th D Evil people to interfere in our affairs; but, she's only helping, not trying to do it for us, so it's limitation not complete prevention. Also, the "inorganic beings"/the "mud shadows"/the "machine race", are our own shadow selves, and we have free will so they have free will.

And they don't want to re-integrate.

They like it this way. So the Shadows are using their/our free will in accomplishing what they want. What do they want? What are the shadow self's motivations? All anger is fear, all hate is pain.They/we need healing, but they don't want what they need. They want to dominate us, and they want to make it permanent. I said everything has a cost, and it does... but there is/was also real danger.

"They're not out yet."
- Agent Smith, The Matrix

It's Complicated

Time being the 5th dimension, 5th D people can move about in time as easily as we move in length, width, and height/depth. 4th D people can see through time far better than we can, but cannot move through it. Our Shadows - being 4th D - see through time but cannot move around in it, so they enlist the aid of 5th D Evil people (who want to prevent us from becoming 4th D STO), who can "move through time"; the 5th D Evil cannot intervene directly in the physical realms, but can communicate with 3rd and 4th D people in "the past" and "the future."
[Note: matter cannot maintain integrity upon being subjected to the enormous amount of energy it would require to make matter move faster than light/backwards in time... but I digress.]

Our souls remain at 5th D, with connections to both our 4th D shadow selves and our 3D incarnations.

Alien Invasion

Human beings associate domination and violation with "reptilian." The Shadows know this and are perfectly willing to have us perceive them as "lizard beings" (those who don't have a visceral reaction to reptiles, but are freaked out by bugs, may perceive them as "insectoid"); they may even deliberately project that image or vibe (or combination of images and vibes - telepathic hypnosis) into our minds. Magicians call it misdirection. [That Wikipedia page is actually quite good (and a Buffy reference!).]

"Everything you've seen is an illusion, it's a trick."
- Herr Eisenheim, The Illusionist

Chariots Of The Gods In A Plasma Universe

But what about all the stuff by Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin about ancient astronauts and the Annunaki of Nibiru? Wallace Thornhill and David Talbot have interesting evidence to support their claims of a cosmic "battle" that was witnessed by humans all around the world over the course of thousands of years ending only a few thousand years ago. The Goddess Religion reigned supreme - actually, exclusively - all over the world for about 25,000 years; it was replaced with polytheism between 10,000 and 5,000 BCE - again, all over the world. Alien visitation is one possible explanation; however, everyone witnessing a series of events that scared the shit out of them (in the sky day and night, and sometimes interplanetary lightning and/or solid impactors hitting Earth) would also account for it without any aliens.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Jacques Vallee and John Keel. Both investigated the UFO's in the 1960's and 70's, and both concluded it was a hyperdimensional phenomenon, not 3D aliens from thousands+ light years away.

So, the ancient astronauts/Nibiru crowd are mixing together four different things:
  • The Fall (see above)
  • descendants of 3D survivors of Atlantis (possessing/teaching advanced science technology)
  • individuals who reversed The Fall (alchemical Ascension)
  • the plasma structures, comet/planet interactions, and Earth changes witnessed and experienced thousands of years ago

Even from the point of view of people a few centuries later the distinctions would have started to blur, and even more so today.

The Greys

There are two kinds of Greys:

The higher grade was created by the Secret Government working for the Shadows, and are reserved for the Shadows' use. They are more intelligent, more agile, move faster, and have better precision. They travel in craft that either are 4th D or have some 4th D characteristics.

The Secret Gov then used what they learned from that experience to make their own Greys. The lower grade Greys are bumbling idiots in comparison, like a Keystone Cops version. The Secret Gov is happy to supply "useful idiots" in the apparent government with various evidence of the reality of physical aliens, which is kept secret, then "disclosed" for entertainment (entrainment) value ... see misdirection above.

The Panacea, The Philosopher's Stone and The Wave

For the past several thousand years, it was very useful for anyone significantly advanced on the path of alchemy to make and take the "panacea" (universal medicine) or "elixir of life" (from Arabic al-iksir, "a dry white powder") which would heal the adept of all his ailments. This would not only help give him strength to carry on the Great Work, but buy him additional time - often another human lifetime or two - so that all that had been accomplished in one life would not be lost upon death. Otherwise, he would have to start over in the next incarnation, decreasing the probability of "making the Philosopher's Stone" (reversing The Fall).

The situation we are now in is different, and presents us with an opportunity.

No Such Thing As A Greenhouse Gas

No such thing as a greenhouse gas? What about the hockey stick? As Jim McCanney has pointed out, the Earth loses 20 deg F each night if there's cloud cover, and 30 deg F if no clouds; and it's been like that since before industrialization. So right there it's obvious that AGW is bunkum.

So what's causing the climate to change? A few people have been predicting a Galactic Superwave or hyperdimensional Wave for many years, and indeed the amount of energy coming into the Earth has increased, causing blizzards, flooding, earthquake, tsunami, etc. It's been slowly building for several years and is only going to continue increasing. Reversing The Fall takes an enormous amount of energy, so get ready to ride the lightning, my fellow metal-heads.

Update 5/8/11

The black earth! (In Arabic, "al-kemi")

Update 4/18/13

Is this article the collective unconscious trying to prepare people for the disclosure/realization of this aspect of reality?

Life on Earth… but not as we know it
"Never mind aliens in outer space. Some scientists believe we may be sharing the planet with ‘weird’ lifeforms that are so different from our own they’re invisible to us.. It is a striking idea: We share our planet with another domain of life that exists “like the realm of fairies and elves just beyond the hedgerow"..  if it turns out we have failed to realise that we have been sharing a planet with these shadowy lifeforms for eons, despite all the scientific advances of the 19th and 20th centuries.. These researchers believe life may exist in more than one form on Earth: standard life – like ours – and “weird life”, as they term the conjectured inhabitants of the shadow biosphere..  Each is a mirror-image of the other .. "