Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tara Parker-Pope Is A Stupid Crazy Liar

The "Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial" (SELECT) by the National Cancer Institute at the U.S. National Institutes of Health has been ended early because the people conducting the trial were afraid that it was doing more harm than good. They were right, it was - but that's because they weren't using Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is made of 4 components called "tocopherols". These 4 tocopherols are always present when you find vitamin E in food. (The same may not be true of Vitamin C. Most animals synthesize their own vit C; their bodies make ascorbic acid, not "vit C bio-flavonoids".)

So now these researchers spend $ 114 million of our taxpayer money to do a study allegedly on vitamin E and selenium, and then they use not only one tocopherol instead of all 4 , but according to the trial's website they use dl-alpha tocopherol which is the synthetic version! Hey, idiots: a synthetic chemical copy of one of the 4 components of vitamin E is not vitamin E. This "study" was clearly designed to "prove" that vitamins are dangerous so as to scare people into taking prescription drugs instead.

Then, after all that, along comes Tara Parker-Pope, wellness columnist for The New York Times (the nation's paper of record) and says that "The SELECT study is among the most credible studies of a vitamin or supplement ever performed.", thereby identifying herself as a Stupid Crazy Liar.


You can buy a vitamin E supplement; it should say "mixed tocopherols", be from a food source, and be in its natural form - a liquid inside a gelcap. Store it in a cool, dry, dark place.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mad Men Is An Evil Show

Once upon a time, the New York City of 1960s advertising executives seemed impossibly cool to "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner. "I looked at these guys, at this world, these men who were overpaid and drank too much and smoked too much and were glib and cynical and bit the hand that fed them all the time and showed up late and had no respect for authority, and I thought, 'These are my heroes,' " he says. OK, funny line.


No, Mike Duffy, you idiot, it isn't a funny line; he really means it. AMC's new original series "Mad Men" is, like HBO's "The Sopranos" before it, a glamorization and promotion of psychopaths and sociopaths. Weiner's list of anti-social behaviors, his use of the word "glib" (as in glib, flippant liars), and his explicit identification of them leading a "double life" (later in the Duffy article) make it clear about whom he is talking.

There is now a strong push to "position" psychopaths as not only fascinating and admirable, but even as heroes, as Weiner explicated above. Weiner worked as a producer on Sopranos, which was apparently a test case to see if the public would accept this "op". The HBO series presented the main character as a liar and murderer who was
also a family man dealing with all the normal stuff of modern American life. So far, they are portraying the psychopath accurately, which could have been a service to humanity - to show everyone what these people are really like. (Not all psychopaths kill, but the mask of sanity aspect is always there.)

But then they added "the twist": he secretly feels bad about killing and torturing people. This is not reality. Psychopaths are - as the movie The Terminator perfectly encapsulated in metaphor - like "machines in human clothing." They do not feel bad about harming others in pursuit of their goals. To show him in counseling sessions with his psychiatrist is an attempt to get us to feel sympathy for the psychopath. That's Evil.

Then came Mad Men; now the psychopaths and sociopaths are making money from killing indirectly - the series begins with the creation of a new ad campaign to get people to smoke more cigarettes, while the ad agency staff comments show that they know the product is causing cancer and other problems. They show no concern at all for their fellow humans - all that matters is finding what works. In their personal lives, as in their work lives, they lie, use other people like objects, and smirk the whole time. We are supposed to find these worthless and evil pieces of crap "interesting"; the show is getting tons of positive reviews.

Then Moonlight joined the "op"; vampire as hero. Well, if we strip away all the entertainment industry BS about coffins, crosses, and garlic, and return to reality, what do we find? The word vampire is from eastern Europe a few centuries ago; the people of that time and place didn't have the benefit of modern biology or psychiatry, but they could accurately describe what they were experiencing. The ancient account of vampires, before Bram Stoker's "Dracula" confused and misdirected everyone, are frightening descriptions of human beings who psychologically and physically torture innocent people for fun and terrorism, with a glib attitude. (Some of them even drank the blood of their victims.) Sounds like psychopaths to me.

While this was going on, Dexter was on cable but it is now on broadcast TV also. The "hero" of this show is a serial killer who only kills serial killers - oooooh! How inventive. The pilot episode made me sick. It is very clear that Dexter does not feel human emotion, but observes others' behavior and tries to mimic it so as to fit in. The show portrays him as gifted in his work (as a blood-spatter expert for the police) who catches the bad guys the incompetent police can't. As if we need them. They even make sure to have his sister (the biological daughter of the people who adopted him) unable to advance in her career without him doing some of her work for her. This is the exact opposite of the truth. It is the psychopaths who cannot pass the test of real life.

Note to all people who are capable of feeling shame and compassion: Psychopaths and sociopaths are not fascinating, are not necessary, and are not heroes.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

You Are Not Free

The primary fantasy in this country today is that America is so magical that reality doesn't exist here, and therefore we can deprive people of the resources necessary to meet their needs and they can still be successful. What qualities does that environment select for?

Reality exists; therefore, actions have consequences; therefore, the truth matters. You are not free to lie.

Reality exists; therefore, everything that everyone on the entire planet does affects everyone else on the entire planet in some way to some degree. You are not free to do whatever you want.

You have a group of inherited preferences, as well as other inherited qualities like height, skin color, gender, and intelligence. You are not free to be whoever you want.

You are not free to drive at whatever speed you want, regardless of weather or traffic conditions. (e.g., passing in the far right lane at 80 mph, something I witness frequently.)

You are not free to drive in bright sunlight with your headlights on ( and especially not your high beams) - it does not increase safety, it does increase glare; you are not free to drive in light rain or overcast conditions without your 4 orange corner lights on.

You are not free to believe proven lies.

You are not free to obey liars.

You are not free to harm yourself.

You are not free to poison my fellow humans (pollution, pharmaceutical drugs, Genetically Modified food, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, etc.).

You are not free to cheat.

You are not free to steal.

You are not free to hunt or eat our fellow predator animals ( dog, cat, shark, swordfish, etc. ).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dimensions, People, and Bodies

There are 9 Dimensions

1st Dimension: Length

2nd Dimension: Width

3rd Dimension: Height ( or Depth)

4th Dimension: Most people now accept that time is the 4th Dimension, as a result of Albert Einstein's Relativity bullshit; however, there is a 4th Dimension of space, making time the 5th Dimension, not the 4th. Yet another thing Stupid Einstein Dummy Boy was wrong about.*

5th Dimension: Time*

6th Dimension: The Aether ( the realm of light)*

7th Dimension: God ( the Creator of the universe )

8th Dimension: Infinity

9th Dimension: The final dimension, incomprehensible to us at our current level of evolution.

The fact that there are 9 dimensions is why 9 is the number of completion in numerology. It also indicates that there are 9 chakras, not 7 as commonly believed. Fortunately, you only have to develop the lower 7 chakras at this level.

*Different types of angels and demons exist at the 4th, 5th, and 6th Dimensions.

How Many Bodies Do U Have?

One-dimensional people only have the physical body; aka "Psychopaths". ("There's no there there."). Having no mental body, they cannot understand anything anyone says, including themselves. They can pretend to comprehend only because of the "spooky action at a distance" of the archon-hijacked Matrix.

2-dimensional people have the physical body and add the mental body; aka "normal people". (Length and width but no depth = shallow.)

3-dimensional people have the physical body and the mental body, and add the spirit body.

4-dimensional people: what is the 4th body? Alchemy is the attempt to acquire it, but our mostly 2- and only a little bit 3-dimensional language is not suited to describe it. The alchemical literature is therefore replete with strange and seemingly contradictory statements about "it". Since experience is what takes you from knowledge to understanding, only when you become a 4-dimensional person will you be able to say what "it" is.
Note on the Evil: The Archons started as 4-dimensional people, but cannot go any higher. More importantly, they cannot raise a human to the 4th level. They promise it as a reward for obeying them, and for helping them have their way on earth, and it is a lie. (The TV show Star Trek:Deep Space Nine represented 4 D evil people as The Founders, and 5 D good people as The Prophets/Wormhole Aliens.)

5-dimensional people can see and move through time as easily as we see and move about in 3D space.

6-dimensional people seem to be "made of light"; communicate with us sometimes through visions, more rarely appearing as angels/beings of light. (4D evil people use very convincing trickery sometimes to fool humans into perceiving them as this.)

There is only one 7-dimensional person: The true God.( The 4D evil person who is worshipped as "the one true god" by the followers of the hijacked and corrupted religions claims to be this - and he may really believe it - but he's a long way off, as you can see ).