Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obama : Time's Man of the Year 2012

Has murdered over 100 children by proxy with drones.

Refuses to bring the Bush Admin criminals to justice for their treason and other crimes.

Signed NDAA into law (look it up if you don't know).

Campaigned in 2008 on "Change"; actually carried on Bush's policies, actions, and personnel.

Continues expanding War of USA Dominating the Whole Planet (trade name: War on Terror).

Named Monsanto lawyer to oversee food safety.

Refuses to let "temporary" Bush tax cuts expire (imposing fiscal discipline on US Gov gave us best job market since post-WW2 period back in the 1990's).

TRILLIONS in PROVEN fraud on Wall Street; no criminal prosecutions.

HSBC now known to have been blatantly laundering drug $ for Mexican cartels - you know, the people that chop the heads off any law enforcement that won't take their bribes; no criminal prosecutions.

Obama's big "health care reform" did not reform the health care at all; instead just a big protection and expansion of the fraud-riddled Medical Business.

Feel free to add more facts of this guy's evil..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Newtown Shooting, Guns, and Laws

Civilization requires government, which requires taxes to fund the enforcement of the laws and regulations, and to fund the providing of services. The clear majority of Americans support this, but we have been told that "we" can't afford it. Aren't we the most affluent nation in the world?

The culture of leaving people to fend for themselves is Evil and must be destroyed. No more "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" fantasies. No more portraying those who want laws and regs and services - aka CIVILIZATION - as terrorists who hate freedom.

America is not Magic. Truth limits freedom.

We don't need Prohibition for guns; we need a culture of truth and greatness to replace the culture of lying, cheating, and stealing.

UPDATE  Jan 9, 2013

This article has made me really wonder what actually happened in Newtown:

The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information, by Professor James Tracy

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stop Fluoridating Water Now

Do you eat your soap? Do you drink your shampoo?

No? Oh, so you can tell the difference between topical application and ingestion.

To apply fluoride topically to the teeth and gums, and then spit it out - as in brushing with fluoride toothpaste - has been shown to reduce the incidence of cavities.

However, the ingestion of fluoride has not been proven to reduce cavities, has no benefit for human health, and has been known for over 50 years to be toxic. See The Fluoride Deception for extreme documentation.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carbs --> Insulin --> Fat --> Inflammation --> Diabetes

The Medical Business (trade name: "Healthcare") says that excess calories makes you fat, and then being fat causes diabetes; the low-carb proponents say that's wrong, it's excess carbs causing insulin spikes which in turn cause insulin resistance (IR), which then leads to both fat gain and diabetes (T2DM). They're both half-right; actually it's: excess carbs --> insulin spike --> fat gain --> inflammation --> insulin resistance --> type 2 diabetes.

The Diabesity Epidemic

As Gary Taubes documented in Good Calories Bad Calories, the science has never supported the claim that eating fat makes you fat. 

Protein usually comes paired with fat in nature; so, by demonizing fat, the Conventional Wisdom restricts protein consumption (they even explicitly state that only 15% of calories should come from pro.) Protein is by far the most satieting macronutrient; each bite of protein you swallow reduces hunger a little bit. This is not the same thing as "feeling full"; indeed, many fat people have had the experience of eating carbohydrate until they feel sick - or even beyond. This is not because the carbs are "high-reward foods", but because carbohydrate does not reduce hunger.

For example, a woman trying to eat healthy - and who believes the CW - has a breakfast consisting of fat-free bagel ("made with whole grains"!), with some jelly on it, and a bottle of fruit juice or a coffee. That meal is 100% carbohydrate; no fat, no protein. How is she supposed to have any will-power when the mid-morning snack cart rolls around? And what's on the snack cart? Fruit, bagels, and donuts: all carb. This person is going to hit lunch time having had no protein to reduce hunger yet that day, but tons of pure carbs to spike her insulin repeatedly. (But her co-workers will see the fat woman say, "I'm starving" and think "She's already eaten too much, look how fat she is!")

The authorities look at this situation - that they have created - and say the cause of obesity is "overeating."

How Carbs Make You Fat

Each time you eat a significant amount of carbs, it causes an insulin spike. This does not cause IR; however, if you do it three meals and two snacks every day (exactly what the CW recommends), it will* make you gain fat over time. Although some LC proponents claim that this insulin spike converts all carbs instantly into fat, they are not correct. What does happen is that your body will burn carbs for all of your energy needs, use only a little bit of fat to make hormones or for other things, store most fat as fat, and convert some of the carbs into fat.

This trains your body to burn carbs and store fat, so that it becomes impossible to eat "low-fat" enough not to get fat.

*true for most people, as I explained here.


Intra-abdominal fat ("belly fat") produces inflammatory cytokines. You need some of these chemicals for your body to function properly, but too much intra-abdominal fat means too much inflammatory cytokines.

So, the fact of being fat directly causes T2DM by constantly bathing the whole body, and especially the pancreas and liver, in the inflammation-causing chemicals. (In those who are genetically predisposed to develop T2D if they get and stay fat; for other people, being fat may cause the development of some other disease state - NAFLD, for example.)

But, But, But . . .

"But what about all the skinny people who develop diabetes?! That totally destroys your BS.", I anticipate someone exclaiming.

No, it doesn't.

First of all, the vast majority of people who develop T2DM were not fat, then got fat, then developed diabetes.

Second, most people who were skinny, then got fat, then developed diabetes, then lost the excess bodyfat - whether through surgery or diet - are cured of diabetes.

Thirdly, although most obese people never develop diabetes, obesity is the # 1 risk factor for T2DM.

And finally, maybe the few people who are skinny and develop T2D are just deficient in chromium?

Of Carbs And Chromium

Before submitting yourself to vivisection (aka "surgery"), maybe you should reject the Medical Business in favor of science; i.e., try a low-carb diet and a chromium supplement (either GTF or picolinate, whichever you prefer).

  • all people should be taking 200 mcg chromium per day
  • if fat or T2D, add 200 mcg per day (total of 400)
  • if fat and diabetic, or obese but not diabetic, add 200 mcg per day (total of 600)
  • if obese and diabetic, add 200 mcg per day (total of 800)

This means that if you are obese and diabetic, and you take 800 mcg chromium per day and follow a LCHF diet, and you lose enough fat to be "overweight" but not obese, you drop the chromium to 600; then, if you lose more weight, you drop the chromium to 400; if you then cease to be diabetic, you drop to 200.

[Note: divide those doses! Do not take all at once, but one pill (200 mcg) per meal.]


Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory. "Ohh!", you think, "I'll just pop a handful or two of those each day. Problem solved." Not so fast, buster.

There is a limit to how much omega 3 your body can safely metabolize each day. About one gram each of ALA, EPA, and DHA is about right for most people. (For most Americans, this would require eating some flax and taking a fish oil supplement.) 

The diabetes prevention and/or cure effort should focus mainly on the aforementioned LC diet and chromium as needed.

Update  July 18, 2012

I now realize I may have been unclear about protein (hat tip to Peter and his commenters at Hyperlipid); excess protein can be converted into glucose, which the body will burn instead of stored bodyfat.

So, while some protein will help you say no to the wheat and sugar, mainly replace the carbs with dietary fat. I addressed this more thoroughly in my article How to Sync Diet and Exercise.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Micronutrient Ratios

You need at least as much calcium as magnesium, but not more than twice as much.

If 400 mg mag, then 400 - 800 mg cal; if 1000 mg cal, then 500 - 1000 mg mag (NOT recommended).

You need at least as much omega-6 as omega-3, but not more than twice as much.

If 1000 mg o-3, 1000 - 2000 mg o-6; if 2000 mg o-3, 2000 - 4000 mg o-6.

You need at least as much vitamin A as vitamin D, but not more than twice as much.

If 5000 IU vit A (the RDA), then 2500 - 5000 iu vit D; if 5000 iu D, then 5000 - 10,000 iu A.

* * *

With cal:mag and o-6:o-3, the closer you get to 2:1 the more benefit; as soon as you cross over into 2.1+:1, it switches over into harmful. 

With vit A:vit D, 1:1 is ideal. As you go from 2:1 towards 1:1, benefit increases; as soon as you get more D than A, you switch over to harm. (Dr. Cannell of the Vit D Council is very anti-A, but A - like D - is fat-soluble, so we store it; I think he's assuming most Americans have a ton of A stored, and need to avoid it while getting increased D. Would be nice if he would clarify it's a temporary, corrective measure.)

Absolute amounts also matter.

You can't get 100 mg mag and 150 mg cal, and say, "It's in the ratio Jeffrey said." You would clearly be deficient in both at that point. The RDA for cal - 1000 - 1200 mg - was decided based on studying a vit D-deficient population (the RDA for D - 400 iu - was/is about 1/10th what we now know is the right amount). The RDA for mag - 350 for teh wimminz, 400 for men - is probably just a little low.

[EDIT June 5, 2012: As calcium makes muscles constrict, and magnesium helps muscles relax, have cal morning and/or afternoon, mag before bed. Do NOT take cal and mag supplements at the same time. Even high calcium foods should be avoided from dinner on.]

You also can't get 20 grams of o-6 per day, and take 10 g o-3 per day, and say "It's the right ratio." It is the right ratio, but your body cannot safely metabolize those absolute amounts. They are WAY outside what any human ingested on a regular basis before the 20th century.

[Note: amounts are from food (or sunlight, in the case of vit D) + supps.]

Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Sync Diet with Exercise

Exercise is for muscle, bodyfat percentage is mainly about diet, walking is for digestion.

I have talked about the division of macronutrients, and about specific foods; now I will address another important - but little-recognized - issue: timing. The conventional concept is to eat as close as possible to the same macronutrient division at every meal, every day. As you will see by the end of this article, that couldn't be more wrong; in fact, it's a nutritional disaster.

Exercise is for Muscle

This does NOT necessarily mean getting "big, bulky muscles"; even if you don't want big muscles, you should still lift weights and/or do endurance exercise. While normal cardio burns more calories while you exercise, the afterburn ends within an hour; whereas, with weight-lifting (can be bodyweight exercises like push-ups, crunches, and squats) your metabolism will be turned up for up to 24 hours afterwards, as your muscles and systems recover.

To keep muscles small, keep reps per set either very low or very high. Lift explosively/never grind out a rep, for strength and for CNS health (hat tip: Christian Thibaudeau).

Bodyfat % is Mainly about Diet

I covered this in the two articles linked above ^, except timing (see below).

Walking Is For Digestion

The human intestines are 25-30 feet long, with many turns; there is no pump to move the food along, so you need to walk for the digestive system to function properly. Also, excretion of solid waste is one of the body's main detoxification pathways; if the food backs up in the digestive system, the toxins back up into all the tissues of the body.

Walking for digestion should be done at low- to medium-intensity. It's not about huffing and puffing to burn calories; that will only increase cortisol, which shuts down the enzymes that turn on your fat-burning hormones, leaving your body to cannibalize muscle. Three hours per week, spread over at least three days (e.g., a half-hour per day six days per week).
Everything else “cardio” does, weight-lifting does better.


Work out at least two days per week, but never two days in a row (recovery's where you make your gains!).

If two days per week, could be:

  • two full-body workouts
  • upper/lower split
  • push/pull split
  • one full-body, one endurance (walking, hiking, biking, etc.)
  • circuit-training one day, heavy singles the other (my fav!)

If three days per week, could be:

  • two full-body, one endurance
  • one full-body, two endurance
  • upper/lower/endurance
  • push/pull/endurance
  • circuit/singles/endurance


Aha! The moment you've all been waiting for. The piece de resistance!

Pretty much everyone should carb up pre-w/o; at least 50 g carbs, could easily be 100 or more (depending one your size and what you're going to do).

Everyone should also eat a high-protein diet post-w/o; there is a 4 hour recovery window, but there is also a 24 hour recovery window. Try to get 100 g pro between working out and the end of that day, then another 100 g pro the next day before 24 hours since you started exercising. Your muscles will suck up that pro at a much higher rate than normal in that period. (Those numbers are for an average size man; women probably more like 70 g instead of 100.)

Everyone should significantly reduce pro intake outside of that 24 hour post-w/o window. Once the skeletal muscles have fully or mostly recovered from the w/o, the rate at which they suck up protein goes way down. Outside of that window, you're not gaining muscle anymore; you just need enough pro to maintain your gains. If your intake remains high, most of the "extra" pro can be converted to glucose and burned, thereby preventing the burning of stored bodyfat. (It is this reduction in pro outside the recovery window which brings the average pro per day down to about 20%, as I noted in my macro division article.)

Now, here's where it gets a little bit complicated.

Those who inherited a need for a high carb/low-fat diet should absolutely get carbs with that pro post-w/o; that's no change, as they need a high carb intake pretty much all the time.

However, those who inherited a need for a low-carb/high-fat diet should definitely not get a lot of carbs post-w/o; they should remain low-carb all the time - except for that pre-w/o meal.

Most people - who inherited a need for something close to 40% carbs/40% fat - should basically be front-loading their carbs, and going lower-carb at night. Always HC/LF at breakfast, always LC/HF at dinner. On workout days, HC/LF at lunch; on non-w/o days, LC/HF at lunch.

Intermittent Fasting

The name "intermittent fasting" can be a bit of a misnomer. It doesn't have to be intermittent; it can be on a consistent schedule. It really should be called "frequent, short-term fasting." Never go more than 24 hours without eating (if possible); it's after that mark that most people start to lose muscle. One or two meals on fasting days is highly recommended.

Frequent, short-term fasting's main benefits:

  • gives your digestive system a rest
  • improves insulin sensitivity
  • improves leptin signaling
  • decreases inflammation
  • autophagy

The info on timing of diet, to sync it up with exercise, is very conducive to frequent short-term fasting. As long as you get your pre- and post-w/o nutrition correct, you have a ton of flexibility with what & when to eat - or even not eat!

Mark Sisson has done several good pieces on the health and fitness benefits of fasting, especially the autophagy. Just copy "intermittent fasting" and paste it into the search box on his site.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Signaling: Nutrigenomics Made Easy

Nutrigenomics is one application of the exciting new field of Epigenetics.

Plain English

OK, for the rest of this article, I'm going to speak about science in plain English. I'm not going to talk about GLUT-4, sirtuin, or APO-E. I'm not even going to distinguish between saturated and un-saturated fats (gasp!). The science should be done, and available to all who want to know it. I just think we who understand the science have a responsibility to translate it into plain English, so normal people can take action on it in their own lives. So, instead of the technically-correct term “Nutrigenomics”, let's just call it.. Signaling.


It's a fact. I'm not saying we don't have souls (in fact, I believe we do), but science has discovered a lot of interesting stuff, and we can use some of it to make our lives better. Based on findings from the field of Evolutionary Biology, we can identify 4 phases of the human species, nutritionally-speaking: Pre-Hunter-Gatherer, Hunter-Gatherer, Agriculture, and of course, Junk Food.


From before our last common ancestor with our nearest genetic relative, chimpanzees – about 5 million years ago – our ancestors probably ate what was readily available in the forest/jungle, the foods modern chimps get most of their calories from: leaves and fruit (and some bugs – yum!).


The Hunter-Gatherer phase began when our ancestors moved onto the plains, and began scavenging; the addition of animal food gave them vitamin B-12, protein, zinc, iron, and omega-3's. These nutrients spurred further evolution of our species, making humans larger, stronger, and smarter. Thus began pack-hunting, enabling the ancestors to target bigger game, from which they got not only more protein, but FAT. (Gathering would have included not only plant foods, but slugs, worms, and shellfish.)


Grains, of course – wheat, oat, rice. Nuts; as Jared Diamond noted in Guns, Germs, and Steel, a culture has to have been farming an annual crop for many years before developing nut-producing trees. Potatoes; actually, all non-leafy vegetables belong in this category. Wild-growing veggies were much less abundant and much tougher to eat; modern veggies are all the result of thousands of years of selective breeding. (Although one could say the same for lettuce and fruit, for signaling purposes they are similar enough to the wild versions; wild fruits even today are bright and sweet.)

Also, all non-leafy vegetables are much healthier cooked than not - to the point that eating non-leafy veggies raw could be considered un-healthy.

Junk Food

Duh. (Note: fruit JUICE is junk food; liquid fruit = liquid sugar.)

This also includes the so-called “vegetable oils”, none of which are even from vegetables (not that it matters): corn oil (corn is a grain), soybean oil, canola (a seed), etc. No human consumed more than trace amounts of these oils – which require industrial tech to extract – before the 20th century.


The first two were such long periods of human history, millions of years each, those foods – the Leaves and Fruit category, and the Animal Food category – send signals to your DNA which turn on the genes that make your body function properly. Because the latter two are so recent, eating foods from those categories – Agriculture and Junk food – fails to send those signals.

What To Do

Leaves (aka lettuce) and fruit (don't forget the berries): 30% of calories (those who need to eat less carbs/more fat for hormonal reasons can have more of the fruit fats: olive/oil, coconut/oil, and avacado/guacamole). Radicchio, though red on your plate, is green as it grows, and is then blanched to turn it red; so throw some of that in with your romaine. Most fruits are healthier raw than cooked, the exceptions mainly being the nightshade fruits: tomato and bell peppers/capsicum; summer squash (e.g. zucchini) can be eaten raw, but winter squash (e.g. pumpkin) should be cooked. Frozen fruit is great (may even be healthier than “fresh”, which is usually picked before ripe and ripens on the truck on its way to your store); canned acidic fruit is completely unacceptable (acidic food makes the phthalate and BPA leach out of the plastic liner of the can and into the food).

Animal food (fat and pro): 30% of calories. (Animals store pollution in fat cells, so if you can't afford to eat organic all the time, target your organic dollars on animal fat.)

Agriculture: 30% of calories. (Again, if needing to eat LC/HF, you could get cals in this category more from nuts than grains or beans.)

Junk food: up to 10% of calories. Not a requirement, I just don't think it's realistic to expect most Americans to eat zero junk food.

Now we see the mechanism by which the modern diet is wrecking the health of most Americans: by supplying most calories from agriculture and junk food, the body is deprived of the essential signals.

UPDATE April 8 2013

"Eating your greens may be even more important that previously thought, with the discovery that an immune cell population essential for intestinal health could be controlled by leafy greens in your diet. ...
Dr Belz said that the proteins in green leafy (cruciferous) vegetables are known to interact with a cell surface receptor that switches on T-bet, and might play a role in producing these critical immune cells. “Proteins in these leafy greens could be part of the same signalling pathway that is used by T-bet to produce ILCs,” Dr Belz said. “We are very interested in looking at how the products of these vegetables are able to talk to T-bet to make ILCs, which will give us more insight into how the food we eat influences our immune system and gut bacteria.”  
Source: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

UPDATE February 4, 2016
(via Bill Lagakos/CaloriesProper)

Flavan-3-ol fraction from cocoa powder promotes mitochondrial biogenesis in skeletal muscle in mice.

Chocolate "beans" are the seeds of a fruit!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Calories vs. Hormones

Yes, calories do matter.. and hormones also matter.


Science writer Gary Taubes was interviewing one of the USA's "top docs" when he suddenly realized the doctor did not understand the scientific method. Wondering what evidence the mainstream Medical and Government guidelines for diet and for drug treatment was based on - specifically regarding weight-loss, cholesterol, and heart-disease - Taubes began an investigation which lasted six years.

The result - Good Calories, Bad Calories - was published in 2007; it is hundreds of pages of documentation of the evidence which proves the Lipid Hypothesis FALSE. The Lipid Hypothesis has two main parts:
a) that excess dietary cholesterol is the cause of heart disease (and that, therefore, everyone should avoid foods high in cholesterol)
b) that excess dietary fat is the cause of the Obesity Epidemic (and that, therefore, everyone should eat a low-fat/high-carb diet)

Again, not to put to fine a point on it, the Lipid Hypothesis is false; no-one is free to believe it. It is not a matter of opinion.


  • Just sitting on your butt eating donuts, you need 10 calories* per pound (of total body weight) just to not lose weight.
  • If moderately active - cardio 2-3 days a week, or cardio 1-2 days + one day of weight-lifting - you will need 12 cals to maintain.
  • If doing endurance exercise or lifting weights 2-3 days per week, you will need 14 cals per day to maintain current weight.
  • To gain weight (hopefully, muscle not fat), one would need to lift weights 2-4 days per week, and get at least 15 cals per day.

*yes, technically it's "kcals", but not everyone has to be a bio-freakin-chemist, IMO

[For anyone who doesn't know: each gram of fat has 9 calories, each g of carb or pro has 4.5 (not the oft-cited 4).] 

The conventional "wisdom" blames the individual for "overeating" (even Dr. Kessler's The End of Overeating - as valid as some of his points are - falls into this trap; it's right there in the title). As Taubes also documents in GCBC, 100% of the increase in calories for the average American from 1970 until now is from two sources: flour (wheat) & sugar. If someone needs to lose "weight" (really, bodyfat percentage), those are the calories to try cutting first.

Both flour and sugar are, of course, carbs, not fat; however, this does not necessarily mean an actual "low-carb" diet is right for everyone (although more than half of all people will need to restrict carbs to less than half of all calories, as I explained in my previous article).


By the time I read GCBC in 2009, I had already tried low-fat, had already gone organic, had already been taking good quality nutritional supplements, and already been walking consistently for many years; I had already been practicing a progressive weight-lifting program for a solid year, and already committed to avoiding "added sugars" for six months. My waist would not go below 40 inches.

After reading GCBC, I simply switched out the sandwiches for salads; I did not reduce fat or protein, only carbs, specifically wheat. I took four inches off my waist in six months, and have kept it off for over two years now. After being fat for 30 years, I am really enjoying being "small."

There are millions of such examples out there. It can work for you too.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Low-Carb or Low-Fat? It Depends..

 How do you know whether to eat a low-carb/"Atkins" diet, or a low-fat/"balanced" diet? If low-carb, how low-carb? If low-fat, how low-fat?

The Problem with Paleo

The problem with the Paleo movement is that evolution did NOT stop 10,000 years ago. [Quick primer on natural selection: “survival of the fittest” does not mean toughest or most cruel, but the combination of inherited qualities that best fits the local environment; if the environment changes a significant amount in a short time, and remains changed, evolution speeds WAY up for a little while, then slows way back down again (this is called “punctuated equilibrium.”).] 

As Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending argue in The 10,000 Year Explosion, agriculture provided both of the necessary ingredients for evolution: the huge increase in population (more food) and the stimulus (different foods = different environment).

However, as Jared Diamond explained in Guns, Germs, and Steel, although wheat farming began about 10,000 years ago, it took agriculture over 4000 years to spread from the Middle East to Northern Europe (the growing season was too short, so they had to develop rye and oats). Agriculture started independently around the same time in Asia, but didn't become widespread in Africa or the Americas until much later. It's not like all humans suddenly switched over to farming in the year 8000 BC. Therefore, we as a species are still adapting to the foods of agriculture, and different people are adapted different amounts (depending on how long their ancestors have been farming).

The Standard, or Gauss-ian, Distribution

Many qualities and characteristics of individual humans are distributed throughout society in such a way that, when plotted on a graph, they form a bell-shaped curve. Some, like height, are inherited. The average male US citizen is 5'10”, and the incidence of lower and higher heights drops away from that center point, with most men being only a few inches different in either direction; of course, there are a few percent on either end of the graph who are more than a few inches shorter or taller. This example is widely recognized.

There is another example which our society has not recognized, but desperately needs to: the distribution of inherited need for different macro-nutrient ratios.

  • The average person needs 40% of calories from carbs, 40% from fat. Most Americans got about 45% carb/40% fat (only leaving 15% for protein) before the obesity epidemic; we now know that protein is better at more like 20% - it's by far the most satieting macronutrient (reduces hunger), and not only are your skeletal muscles made of pro, but all the soft tissues of your body (except brains), and you also need it for enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters. 
  • At one extreme end are people who inherited a need for a ketogenic diet (if you don't get epileptic seizures if you don't eat a ketogenic diet, then you did not inherit a need for a ketogenic diet.)
  • At the other extreme end are those who inherited a need for a vegetarian diet. (There is not any human for whom a vegan diet is the most healthy.)
  • About 1/4 in from the keto end are people who inherited a need for 50% of cals from fat/30% from carb.
  • About 1/4 in from the veg end are people who inherited a need for 50% of cals from carb/30% from fat.

Healthy Fats

The healthy dietary fats for humans are: animal (preferably organic), nut (peanut is not a nut), and fruit (olives/olive oil, coconut/oil, avocado/guacamole). All other dietary fats (“vegetable” oil) must be strictly limited, or eliminated if possible.

The science NEVER supported the “arterycloggingsaturatedfat” BS, which I cover more extensively in my “Calories vs. Hormones” article.

What to Do

IMPORTANT: You are NOT free to choose which division of macros is right for you, and your body will NOT “adapt” to whatever you feed it. You inherited a need for a certain division of macros, and you must discover where on the graph you are, so you can eat the diet that's right for YOU.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Bird Gods, Velikovsky, Serpent Gods, and Plato

There is a 4th dimension of space, making time the 5th dimension, not the 4th. Even A. Einstein - who was neither a genius nor a psychopath, but a semi-smart tool - admitted in a paper he co-authored towards the end of his life that the 4th dimension of space is physically real, not just mathematically useful. So, we have 3D physical beings, 4D physical beings (good and evil ET's/"gods")), and 5D non-physical beings (angels and demons).

I also think 4D can see through time better than we can, but not time-travel; the amount of energy you'd have to put into a macro object to make it go FTL (relative to non-FTL) would dis-integrate that object.

Bird Gods

Humanity had a benevolent relationship with the "Bird Gods" (good 4th D) for many thousands of years. They had a combination of "visiting" and "psychic" relationships w/ our ancestors, until it became more good than harm for us to have them physically on planet w/ us, at which point the Bird Gods set up their home base on a large island surrounded by smaller islands in what is now the Atlantic Ocean (literally, Ocean of Atlantis). This is why there is simultaneously evidence of an advanced civilization 10 KYA and strong and abundant evidence that the human species was in the stone age at the time.

The Velikovskian Event

As Immanuel Velikovsky so presciently deduced, the planet Venus entered our solar system about 1500 BC. As Jim McCanney has more recently described, our solar system is electrically neutral except when the approach of a comet charges the solar capacitor, and its leaving the solar system dis-charges that solar capacitor. 

Venus is even bigger than most comets, and caused "thunderbolts" (inter-planetary lightning, some of which hit the Earth), the planets to change their orbits, and on Earth: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and meteorites (there may have been a planet where the asteroid belt is now, which was destroyed by the aforementioned interplanetary lightning as a result of Venus entering our system, thus leaving the number of planets at 9; this would have been the source of the much larger number of meteorites hitting the Earth then than before or since). Venus settled into something close to its present orbit around 1250 BC (the year of the Habiru People's "Exodus" from Egypt, where they had not been slaves).

Serpent Gods

This 250 year experience was very traumatic for the whole human species, opening up an opportunity for the "Serpent Gods" (evil 4th D), who had already been here, but w/little influence. They gave the traumatized humans the message, "This happened because you were Bad; we will protect you, and show you how to atone for your sins.. but you have to give us your power." Thus, our ancestors switched over from the benevolent relationship w/ the Bird Gods to a master-slave relationship w/ the Serpent Gods.

[This means that all monuments, documents, myths and art from before 1500 BC were either made by the Bird Gods, or under their influence/direction. All monuments, documents, myths and art since 1250 BC are subject to corruption by the Serpent Gods.]

We will never make this world significantly better unless and until this ancient wound is healed, which requires at least 10% of all humans a) acknowledging that it happened, b) realizing that it was not our fault (billions of stars in this galaxy, billions of galaxies; shit happens), and c) consciously rejecting the master-slave relationship w/ the Serpent Gods, because that "contract" (covenant) has an illegitimate basis, and is therefore invalid.


Why did Plato place the conversation in which he talks about Atlantis not in his own time, but that of his great-grandfather? Because it was 9 hundred years before 600 BC (i.e., 1500 BC) that the volcano of Santorini exploded, causing the tsunami that destroyed the north shore of Crete, from which the Minoan culture never recovered because of all the other effects of the Velikovskian Event; and it was 9 thousand years before 600 BC (9,600 BC) that the interglacial period we are now in (we are still in the Ice Age that began 25 KYA) began, partially melting the ice sheets and causing the ocean level to rise 300 ft, and submerging Atlantis. So, he was combing 2 facts of history into one myth to tell an essential truth, which he stated explicitly in multiple writings was his modus operandi and his life's work.


Tempest Stela of Ahmose: World’s Oldest Weather Report

"A new translation of a 40-line inscription on a 3,500-year-old stone block from Egypt called the Tempest Stela describes rain, darkness and the ‘sky being in storm without cessation, louder than the cries of the masses.’ "

Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Country, One Government

One Culture, One (official) Language

One set of laws, regulations, taxes, policies, and standards for the whole country.

Founding Fathers: Tragic Heroes

All men are created equal, and all are endowed with certain rights, including - but not limited to - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.* Right? That is not in the Constitution, but the Declaration of Independence.

And the Founding Fathers didn't even start with the Constitution. They tried the Articles of Confederation first; that was what they really wanted. They didn't want to be one country, but 13 separate countries, loosely associated. Well, they wanted all the benefits of being one country, but without having to pay for them, and without giving up sovereignty to the one country. They tried to make the AoC work for ten years, and were finally forced - by reality - to go to the Constitution.

And they still didn't include the Bill of Rights at first. They could have done the Bill of Rights on day one, but they didn't want that; they only accepted it because the State leglislatures wouldn't ratify the Constitution without the BoR.

Only about a half-dozen of the vaunted Founding Fathers were great men; most of them were just rich men who didn't want to pay taxes - to anyone.

Even the Constitution was only a patch on the basic problem, the result of their failure to be the visionaries and great men we have all been taught to view them as: the Federal System of Government. That led inevitably to the Civil War, which was the National Government side vs. the States' Rights side. The National Gov side won that war, and with that situation we became the richest and most powerful country in the world. We are now a nation of over 300 million citizens, a post-industrial civilization, and a combination military and economic superpower. In the face of all that, to keep bleating about "States' Rights" is evil.

*[Side Note: Jefferson took that phrase from John Locke, who was the true revolutionary thinker. A former supporter of monarchy and theocracy, Locke's original phrase was "life, liberty, and property", and by "property" he meant: 1) your body and 2) the results of your work. This was back in the 1680's, when nobody else was saying such things.] 

What Must Be Done

The Federal System of Government is evil, and must be eliminated. We cannot have 50 States, each sovereign - as in "the power of the State" - like 50 separate countries that are also, collectively, somehow one country. Insane.

One country should have one government, with one set of laws, regulations, taxes, policies, and standards for the whole country (unitary). This whole "incubators of democracy" bullshit is completely unnecessary - we already know what to do. In reality, the corporations play the States off each other for the best deal - like when you shop for a car - and the vast majority of the citizens of this country get the shaft.

The Same, But Different

The Government will have three branches - judicial, legislative, and executive - and it will be a presidential-type republic. However, there will be three levels - national, regional, and local (no States, no counties). This is the same model as each State has now; in a sense, we will be expanding that form of government to cover the whole nation.

The legislature at each level will have only one house (unicameral). Don't say that we need two houses in the legislature, to make sure the common people get represented; that is a case of reverse psychology that has been practiced on you by those who want to rule you. It is "divide and conquer"; by splitting up the power among too many people, those who wish to be - and actually are at the moment - "the hidden controllers of our world" get to manipulate everyone.

13 Regions

Instead of 50 states, we will have 13 regions. These regions already exist; they developed naturally, primarily because of climate and geography (there is no reason to have the prefix "mega-"). The map shows 11 regions, plus Hawaii and Alaska makes 13 regional governments. To be clear: these "governments" are levels of the one government of the country; like cities and counties, they have no independent existence.

Each region will send one senator to the national legislature. The 535 members of Congress today is absurdly too many. The vast majority of humans can only know a maximum of about 150 people well. Family, friends, business associates, the President, Vice-President, Cabinet, each Senator's own staff, the other Senators and someone from each of their staffs, elected and appointed officials from the region the Senator is from, etc. It adds up easily to 150 people. Humans are social animals; we cannot get good government from people who don't know each other well.

13 Month Calendar

Why do we have a 12 month calender? A circle is 360 deg., and that divides evenly by 12. Well, why is that important? Because the signs of the zodiac then have exactly 30 deg. each, which is why our months are mostly 30 days.

Except that the year has 365 and 1/4 days, so we have to add one day to a few months (31 days), and one day each four years. Do you want a calendar based on astrology? That's the calendar we have now.

If instead we base our calendar on the facts of nature, we can have a 13 month calendar. This gives us 12 months of exactly 28 days - 4 weeks of 7 days, like now - plus one month of 29 days, which will be New Years Day. Every human needs at least one day of rest every seven; that is not religion, it's biology. We will still add one day every fourth year (leap year); that won't change. It should be added to the 13th month (the one with 29 days), to keep the other 12 months at exactly 28 days each.

The President can establish a tradition of visiting one of the regions each month; a society needs traditions and culture, there can't be a law for everything in life.

Election of President

The President will be elected by popular vote; no Electoral College. There must be at least one person who represents all the citizens of the country; with popular election, the President would be that one person.

American English

All government documents - including street signs - should be only in American English. Anyone who wants to be a citizen, legal resident, or do business in this country should be fluent in the same language. We are not banning other languages, of course; you are free to learn any additional language you choose.

One Culture

Not all cultures are equally as valuable or as Good as all others. "Multiculturalism" is incompatible with a stable, peaceful, prosperous country. No, you are not free to do whatever you want.

New Constitution, New Name

This new form of government, and the other changes, will require a new Constitution. This new Constitution will embody some of the philosophy of John Locke, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the USA, and the Bill of Rights. However, it must explicitly state that it is the right of every human to tell the truth, but that no-one is free to lie. This will not guarantee that our government will not be invaded and hijacked by a clusterfuck of psychopaths - nothing can - but it will significantly reduce that probability.

The new Constitution must also explicitly state that corporations are not people, and do not have rights.

Also, with no States, the name "United States of America" will no longer make any sense. I propose "North American Republic", but if someone has a better idea, I'm open to suggestions.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

No Rich, No Poor, No Crime, No War

Is it possible?

Possible? It would be easy for all the citizens of the USA (I am not including the illegal immigrants) to be provided with all the resources to meet their needs, and for most to have, in addition, a few luxuries. But not if we also have any rich people.

5% of the population - the psychopaths - want a world in which they have many times more than enough, and everyone else - those of us who can develop a conscience - have less than enough, so that they have all of the power and we have none. The Authoritarian Conservatives - 25% of the population - are fine with this, even though it is "against their own interests", because they have been infected with Calvinism, which teaches them they are sinful, and therefore deserve to be poor.

If Obama actually did what he says, his approval rating would be through the roof. Bush pandered to the Religious Right, while actually serving the rich (and Israel); Obama panders to the Liberals, while actually serving the rich (and Israel).

What's it going to take to get human culture and legitimate government in this country?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Illegal Immigrants

First, why won't the US Government defend our nation's borders? Because Capitalism wants a constant supply of cheap labor, that's why. So, by supporting the illegal immigrants, the Liberals are supporting Capitalism (which is inherently parasitism); and, by supporting Capitalism, the Conservatives are supporting illegal immigration.

OK, here's how to reverse the flood of illegal immigrants:

  • no free health care for illegals
  • no free education for illegals* 
  • no automatic citizenship for children born here if either parent is illegal 
  • severe financial penalties for people or companies found to be employing illegals, enough so that it is impossible to make a profit while in violation of the law

*note: the children of illegals, if born elsewhere and came into USA illegally, are also illegal immigrants

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Freedom vs. Truth

Psychopaths promote freedom as the highest good, because THEY want to be free to pursue all their ridiculous and evil bullshit. For those who can develop a conscience, truth trumps freedom always and everywhere.

By accepting freedom as the highest good, you preserve not only the freedom to tell the truth, but also the freedom to lie; in actual practice the FREEDOM to lie inevitably becomes the REQUIREMENT to lie.

The distribution of inherited qualities is not equal between men and women, or between the races; but the Griggs decision requires employers – and therefore schools – to pretend it’s not true.

No government can have the legitimate authority to require us to lie; but, you will not get “our” government to actually stop requiring it unless and until you reject the culture of lying (brand name: “Freedom!”). To restore this country – and not have it immediately start sliding right back to where we are now – you’re going to have to become willing to subjugate freedom to truth; it IS a practical matter.