Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Freedom vs. Truth

Psychopaths promote freedom as the highest good, because THEY want to be free to pursue all their ridiculous and evil bullshit. For those who can develop a conscience, truth trumps freedom always and everywhere.

By accepting freedom as the highest good, you preserve not only the freedom to tell the truth, but also the freedom to lie; in actual practice the FREEDOM to lie inevitably becomes the REQUIREMENT to lie.

The distribution of inherited qualities is not equal between men and women, or between the races; but the Griggs decision requires employers – and therefore schools – to pretend it’s not true.

No government can have the legitimate authority to require us to lie; but, you will not get “our” government to actually stop requiring it unless and until you reject the culture of lying (brand name: “Freedom!”). To restore this country – and not have it immediately start sliding right back to where we are now – you’re going to have to become willing to subjugate freedom to truth; it IS a practical matter.

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