Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Country, One Government

One Culture, One (official) Language

One set of laws, regulations, taxes, policies, and standards for the whole country.

Founding Fathers: Tragic Heroes

All men are created equal, and all are endowed with certain rights, including - but not limited to - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.* Right? That is not in the Constitution, but the Declaration of Independence.

And the Founding Fathers didn't even start with the Constitution. They tried the Articles of Confederation first; that was what they really wanted. They didn't want to be one country, but 13 separate countries, loosely associated. Well, they wanted all the benefits of being one country, but without having to pay for them, and without giving up sovereignty to the one country. They tried to make the AoC work for ten years, and were finally forced - by reality - to go to the Constitution.

And they still didn't include the Bill of Rights at first. They could have done the Bill of Rights on day one, but they didn't want that; they only accepted it because the State leglislatures wouldn't ratify the Constitution without the BoR.

Only about a half-dozen of the vaunted Founding Fathers were great men; most of them were just rich men who didn't want to pay taxes - to anyone.

Even the Constitution was only a patch on the basic problem, the result of their failure to be the visionaries and great men we have all been taught to view them as: the Federal System of Government. That led inevitably to the Civil War, which was the National Government side vs. the States' Rights side. The National Gov side won that war, and with that situation we became the richest and most powerful country in the world. We are now a nation of over 300 million citizens, a post-industrial civilization, and a combination military and economic superpower. In the face of all that, to keep bleating about "States' Rights" is evil.

*[Side Note: Jefferson took that phrase from John Locke, who was the true revolutionary thinker. A former supporter of monarchy and theocracy, Locke's original phrase was "life, liberty, and property", and by "property" he meant: 1) your body and 2) the results of your work. This was back in the 1680's, when nobody else was saying such things.] 

What Must Be Done

The Federal System of Government is evil, and must be eliminated. We cannot have 50 States, each sovereign - as in "the power of the State" - like 50 separate countries that are also, collectively, somehow one country. Insane.

One country should have one government, with one set of laws, regulations, taxes, policies, and standards for the whole country (unitary). This whole "incubators of democracy" bullshit is completely unnecessary - we already know what to do. In reality, the corporations play the States off each other for the best deal - like when you shop for a car - and the vast majority of the citizens of this country get the shaft.

The Same, But Different

The Government will have three branches - judicial, legislative, and executive - and it will be a presidential-type republic. However, there will be three levels - national, regional, and local (no States, no counties). This is the same model as each State has now; in a sense, we will be expanding that form of government to cover the whole nation.

The legislature at each level will have only one house (unicameral). Don't say that we need two houses in the legislature, to make sure the common people get represented; that is a case of reverse psychology that has been practiced on you by those who want to rule you. It is "divide and conquer"; by splitting up the power among too many people, those who wish to be - and actually are at the moment - "the hidden controllers of our world" get to manipulate everyone.

13 Regions

Instead of 50 states, we will have 13 regions. These regions already exist; they developed naturally, primarily because of climate and geography (there is no reason to have the prefix "mega-"). The map shows 11 regions, plus Hawaii and Alaska makes 13 regional governments. To be clear: these "governments" are levels of the one government of the country; like cities and counties, they have no independent existence.

Each region will send one senator to the national legislature. The 535 members of Congress today is absurdly too many. The vast majority of humans can only know a maximum of about 150 people well. Family, friends, business associates, the President, Vice-President, Cabinet, each Senator's own staff, the other Senators and someone from each of their staffs, elected and appointed officials from the region the Senator is from, etc. It adds up easily to 150 people. Humans are social animals; we cannot get good government from people who don't know each other well.

13 Month Calendar

Why do we have a 12 month calender? A circle is 360 deg., and that divides evenly by 12. Well, why is that important? Because the signs of the zodiac then have exactly 30 deg. each, which is why our months are mostly 30 days.

Except that the year has 365 and 1/4 days, so we have to add one day to a few months (31 days), and one day each four years. Do you want a calendar based on astrology? That's the calendar we have now.

If instead we base our calendar on the facts of nature, we can have a 13 month calendar. This gives us 12 months of exactly 28 days - 4 weeks of 7 days, like now - plus one month of 29 days, which will be New Years Day. Every human needs at least one day of rest every seven; that is not religion, it's biology. We will still add one day every fourth year (leap year); that won't change. It should be added to the 13th month (the one with 29 days), to keep the other 12 months at exactly 28 days each.

The President can establish a tradition of visiting one of the regions each month; a society needs traditions and culture, there can't be a law for everything in life.

Election of President

The President will be elected by popular vote; no Electoral College. There must be at least one person who represents all the citizens of the country; with popular election, the President would be that one person.

American English

All government documents - including street signs - should be only in American English. Anyone who wants to be a citizen, legal resident, or do business in this country should be fluent in the same language. We are not banning other languages, of course; you are free to learn any additional language you choose.

One Culture

Not all cultures are equally as valuable or as Good as all others. "Multiculturalism" is incompatible with a stable, peaceful, prosperous country. No, you are not free to do whatever you want.

New Constitution, New Name

This new form of government, and the other changes, will require a new Constitution. This new Constitution will embody some of the philosophy of John Locke, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the USA, and the Bill of Rights. However, it must explicitly state that it is the right of every human to tell the truth, but that no-one is free to lie. This will not guarantee that our government will not be invaded and hijacked by a clusterfuck of psychopaths - nothing can - but it will significantly reduce that probability.

The new Constitution must also explicitly state that corporations are not people, and do not have rights.

Also, with no States, the name "United States of America" will no longer make any sense. I propose "North American Republic", but if someone has a better idea, I'm open to suggestions.

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