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Bird Gods, Velikovsky, Serpent Gods, and Plato

There is a 4th dimension of space, making time the 5th dimension, not the 4th. Even A. Einstein - who was neither a genius nor a psychopath, but a semi-smart tool - admitted in a paper he co-authored towards the end of his life that the 4th dimension of space is physically real, not just mathematically useful. So, we have 3D physical beings, 4D physical beings (good and evil ET's/"gods")), and 5D non-physical beings (angels and demons).

I also think 4D can see through time better than we can, but not time-travel; the amount of energy you'd have to put into a macro object to make it go FTL (relative to non-FTL) would dis-integrate that object.

Bird Gods

Humanity had a benevolent relationship with the "Bird Gods" (good 4th D) for many thousands of years. They had a combination of "visiting" and "psychic" relationships w/ our ancestors, until it became more good than harm for us to have them physically on planet w/ us, at which point the Bird Gods set up their home base on a large island surrounded by smaller islands in what is now the Atlantic Ocean (literally, Ocean of Atlantis). This is why there is simultaneously evidence of an advanced civilization 10 KYA and strong and abundant evidence that the human species was in the stone age at the time.

The Velikovskian Event

As Immanuel Velikovsky so presciently deduced, the planet Venus entered our solar system about 1500 BC. As Jim McCanney has more recently described, our solar system is electrically neutral except when the approach of a comet charges the solar capacitor, and its leaving the solar system dis-charges that solar capacitor. 

Venus is even bigger than most comets, and caused "thunderbolts" (inter-planetary lightning, some of which hit the Earth), the planets to change their orbits, and on Earth: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and meteorites (there may have been a planet where the asteroid belt is now, which was destroyed by the aforementioned interplanetary lightning as a result of Venus entering our system, thus leaving the number of planets at 9; this would have been the source of the much larger number of meteorites hitting the Earth then than before or since). Venus settled into something close to its present orbit around 1250 BC (the year of the Habiru People's "Exodus" from Egypt, where they had not been slaves).

Serpent Gods

This 250 year experience was very traumatic for the whole human species, opening up an opportunity for the "Serpent Gods" (evil 4th D), who had already been here, but w/little influence. They gave the traumatized humans the message, "This happened because you were Bad; we will protect you, and show you how to atone for your sins.. but you have to give us your power." Thus, our ancestors switched over from the benevolent relationship w/ the Bird Gods to a master-slave relationship w/ the Serpent Gods.

[This means that all monuments, documents, myths and art from before 1500 BC were either made by the Bird Gods, or under their influence/direction. All monuments, documents, myths and art since 1250 BC are subject to corruption by the Serpent Gods.]

We will never make this world significantly better unless and until this ancient wound is healed, which requires at least 10% of all humans a) acknowledging that it happened, b) realizing that it was not our fault (billions of stars in this galaxy, billions of galaxies; shit happens), and c) consciously rejecting the master-slave relationship w/ the Serpent Gods, because that "contract" (covenant) has an illegitimate basis, and is therefore invalid.


Why did Plato place the conversation in which he talks about Atlantis not in his own time, but that of his great-grandfather? Because it was 9 hundred years before 600 BC (i.e., 1500 BC) that the volcano of Santorini exploded, causing the tsunami that destroyed the north shore of Crete, from which the Minoan culture never recovered because of all the other effects of the Velikovskian Event; and it was 9 thousand years before 600 BC (9,600 BC) that the interglacial period we are now in (we are still in the Ice Age that began 25 KYA) began, partially melting the ice sheets and causing the ocean level to rise 300 ft, and submerging Atlantis. So, he was combing 2 facts of history into one myth to tell an essential truth, which he stated explicitly in multiple writings was his modus operandi and his life's work.


Tempest Stela of Ahmose: World’s Oldest Weather Report

"A new translation of a 40-line inscription on a 3,500-year-old stone block from Egypt called the Tempest Stela describes rain, darkness and the ‘sky being in storm without cessation, louder than the cries of the masses.’ "

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