Saturday, January 28, 2012

No Rich, No Poor, No Crime, No War

Is it possible?

Possible? It would be easy for all the citizens of the USA (I am not including the illegal immigrants) to be provided with all the resources to meet their needs, and for most to have, in addition, a few luxuries. But not if we also have any rich people.

5% of the population - the psychopaths - want a world in which they have many times more than enough, and everyone else - those of us who can develop a conscience - have less than enough, so that they have all of the power and we have none. The Authoritarian Conservatives - 25% of the population - are fine with this, even though it is "against their own interests", because they have been infected with Calvinism, which teaches them they are sinful, and therefore deserve to be poor.

If Obama actually did what he says, his approval rating would be through the roof. Bush pandered to the Religious Right, while actually serving the rich (and Israel); Obama panders to the Liberals, while actually serving the rich (and Israel).

What's it going to take to get human culture and legitimate government in this country?

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