Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jews' Ethno-Centric Ethical Double Standard

Throughout history, most Jews (an ethnic group, not just a religion) have understood the Ten Commandments to apply to Jews, not non-Jews ("Gentiles", "goyim").

For example: if a Jew lies to, cheats, or steals from a non-Jew, that is considered less unethical than if a Jew lied to, cheated, or stole from a Jew. (Note I said most Jews, not all.)

Most non-Jews - especially Christians - assume(d) that the Jews, being familiar with the Ten Commandments, would apply that ethical ("spiritual") understanding to "everyone." As you can imagine, when non-Jews who had assumed/believed that suddenly discover it is not - and never was - true, they feel betrayed.. and even angry.

The Jews - and many "Christians" - today refer to these historical incidents as "anti-Semitism" or "racism". They totally drop the context of most Jews' ethno-centric ethical double standard.


Jews are very over-represented (relative to their share of the U.S. population) in a few fields: the news media, the entertainment business, academia (schools), and science. Although science does take a certain amount of intelligence and focus to succeed at, and Jews are over-represented in hard science (physics, biology, etc.), they are much more over-represented in the soft sciences - psychology, sociology, etc.

This is not for the purpose of controlling our society. It is the result of a sort of Jews-only affirmative action that many (again, not all) Jews actually if un-officially practice.

However, it inevitably produces a certain, predictable, result. The Bernie Madoff story is a good example.

Bernie Madoff

When the Jews who work in the news media in the USA learned of Bernie Madoff's financial crimes, they had a much stronger reaction - psychologically and emotionally - than they did to other financial criminals being discovered at the time.


It wasn't just that Bernie was a Jew - it was that he screwed his fellow Jews. That is the number one no-no.

I am not alleging a conspiracy; no conspiracy is needed to explain it, nor even coordination. Those Jews in the MSM "naturally" found the story of a Jew screwing other Jews much more "compelling" than Jews or non-Jews screwing non-Jews, or even non-Jews screwing Jews. So, they covered it much more than many other financial criminals.

Over-represented, Part 2

Jews are also very over-represented in promoting, through their positions in news, entertainment, academia, and the soft sciences: open borders (for the USA, but not for Israel), multi-culturalism, Feminism, gay marriage, trans-gendered whatever, the White privilege lie, the male privilege lie, and the campus rape-culture hysteria (lack of evidence means get nowhere with police).

Notice a pattern?


So, what should our response be, as a country? Excuse, because "most persecuted"/"God's chosen"?

Because of the "troll" phenomenon, I have to be very clear. I am not talking about camps or killing. Certainly not.

But we can tell the truth of everything I have just described, in public and private, no matter how anyone reacts. Truth feeds Good, lies feed Evil.

We can also enforce our borders, and prosecute the trillions in financial fraud (another area where Jews are over-represented).


I don't care whether it's "racist." Is it true?

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