Thursday, February 24, 2005

Vibration Isn't Charge

Vibration is of frequency, higher or lower by degrees; " Negative " and " Positive " are properly descriptors of Charge.

The New Age Movement

When New Age gurus speak of " positive vibration " and " negative vibration ", that is like saying " salty cold " - gibberish! They also teach that you can switch your " vibration " from negative to positive just by thinking positive thoughts. In practice, this often becomes just putting on a Happy Mask - that's not how it works.

How It Works

Charge can be strong or weak, positive or negative; vibration is simply high or low. They are related ( see below ), but they are not the same thing.

If you have a negative charge, that's holding your vibration down; you need to switch the charge from negative to positive. Once you become aware that you have a negative charge, you first need to wean yourself off it; when you achieve weak positive charge ( positive charge is your natural state - negative energy beings are literally addicted ), nurture it for a time, and see if you can fan those embers into strong positive charge. Then it becomes possible to raise your vibration significantly, and keep it there.

You can rise to high vibration with negative charge, but it requires a strong negative charge, and you have to be really Evil to achieve that ( e.g., raping/killing ). Most people in this world at this point in time have weak negative charge, because they

> have been under attack their entire lives
> don't want to be Evil, but
> don't understand How It Works

A Few Examples will illustrate the point:

1.) Enron mo'fo's = high vibration + strong negative charge; their material needs are way taken care of, which Standard Fluffy Mysticism would equate with " positive vibration ", but their charge is so strongly negative that they feel they have a right to benefit from harming others ( so that, if their victims fail to effectively defend themselves, then " they brought it on themselves ." )

2.) Musician Jimmy Buffet, and Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges = high vibration + strong positive charge; both are very financially/materially successful, without having to do anything they don't want to, and without harming others.

3.) A person who is homeless and starving = low vibration + negative charge ( could be strong or weak ); blame, anger, fear/anxiety.

4.) Most people in the U.S.A. = low vibration + weak negative charge; so they have to struggle, expending a ton of time and physical & mental energy to try to overcome low vibration, with varying levels of " success ."


The word " negative " is from the Latin verb " negare ", which means " to deny "; in this ( metaphysical ) context, it means " to deny Reality ", or even " to reject The Truth " ( The Logos says, " I am The Truth, and The Way " ).

Telling the truth is always positive.
Lying is always negative.

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