Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Natural Order

In my article " The 1 True Religion "
( - January 2005 archive ) I referred to The Natural Order, and the need to live according to, or in harmony with, it.

Well, what does that mean? Here is an example to get you started.


Facts of Nature

The Day is a Fact of Nature; it is 1 complete revolution of the Earth on its axis.

The Year is also a Fact of Nature; it is 1 complete orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

The seasons are facts of nature, and they matter to the subject of The Natural Order, but in our society, we do not use them in time-keeping.

The Month is based on Nature, but the months we use in our current calendrical system are not the same as the months in Nature.

Day and Night are Facts of Nature, of course, as is Noon; Noon is when the Sun is at its highest point in the sky. Therefore, the Morning ( from dawn to noon ) and the Afternoon ( from noon to sunset ) are also facts of Nature.

Midnight, being exactly halfway between 2 Noons, is legitimate, even though it is a concept and not a Fact of Nature.

( For more on the difference between Facts of Nature and Man-made Facts, see Ayn Rand's " Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology ". )


The Second, the Minute ( 60 seconds ), the Hour ( 60 minutes ), and the Week ( of 7 Days ) are fiction; they are lies. In Reality, they do not exist.

Why, then, do you behave as though they exist?

Conspiracy Fact

The totality of the evidence strongly indicates that the Human Race is under attack ( see my article " Alchemy 4 Dummies " - January 2005 archive, for what to do about it ) by a group of beings/entities ( demons/aliens/whatever ) that have been described ( ) as " para-physical ".

Why do I mention this? Well, " they " seem to find it very important to get you to accept lies; there's some sort of energy relationship to that which is essential in keeping you "plugged into the Matrix ", as it were.

So here we have a good example of 1 of the more massive & dominating techniques to do this; if they can get you to accept that Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and Weeks - as presently defined - are real, and to behave according to that lie, then they have you literally lying all day, every day. ( If some different definition, 1 based on Nature, could be offered, that would be a different story. ) Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and Weeks are something that most people take for granted and do not question ( " We accept the reality with which we're presented " - The Truman Show ).

And so you begin to see why I equated The Logos with both " The Truth " and " The Natural Order ".


It is not enough to recognize the concept - you must actually change your behavior. Your ability to change your behavior is limited by the need to interact with society to some degree, but you can bring your own behavior into harmony with The Natural Order by some amount, and we can lead a revolution in society when the opportunity presents itself ( it will, and soon ).

What would we, as a society, do if we rejected this particular lie? Perhaps instead of " February 3, 2005 ", we would say " Day 34, the Year 2005, in the Month of Aquarius ". With that system, instead of the 7 day week, how would the " work week " work? Obviously, there would not be a work week; perhaps everyone could work every other day, with half the people working the even-numbered days, and the other half working on the odd-numbered days. Everyone would get off the holidays, except for essential personnel ( police, fire, military ). It's not the only system that could be Good, but it would be true to Nature, unlike the present system.

What " time " is your alarm set for? It's a lie.

The energy is waiting for you ( see " The Pillar of Celestial Fire " by Robert Cox ). You have to actually do it.

Did Someone Say Revolution?

I mentioned the word revolution in the above section; it's a word that gets used a lot, but not always in its correct meaning ( is the new product from Chevrolet really a " revolution "? ).

Revolution means " a radical change compared to the way things were done before " ( hey, that's not a bad definition for metanoia ... ).

Well, if we're gonna have a revolution, we may as well have a new Constitution:

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