Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The 1 True Religion

The original trinity was God the Father, God the Mother, and The Son of God. This was psychologically healthy for the human race, and has the added benefit of being essentially correct. Christianity, a psychopathically patriarchal death cult, transformed "God the Mother" into "the Holy Ghost" specifically to devalue The Female, so as to unbalance the individual and the planet.

The Logos
Because God "spoke" the universe into being (vibration), The Son of God was also called "The Word" of God; in Greek, Logos. We are all the Sons and Daughters of God, but The Logos is the only "begotten" Son of God.
However, the concept of The Logos meant much more to The Ancients than the Son/Word of God; It also included concepts such as Balance, Proper Proportion,and The Natural Order.

The Old Testament
The Old Testament is a chronicle of a people moving between 2 poles as they move through history: being in harmony and being out of harmony with The Logos - The Natural Order. When they are in harmony with The Logos, things go well for them; then they think they don't need to make the effort to be in harmony with The Logos, and they slip out of harmony with It. After a time, a "prophet" arises to tell them what they don't want to hear - that the problems that beset them are not caused by others, but by their own failure to think, feel, act, and live in harmony with The Natural Order. The good news is that solving the problem is just a matter of rejecting The Lie in favor of "The Truth and The Way"/The Logos/The Natural Order/The "Son of God".

Jesus attained a state of understanding such that he channeled The Logos consciously, and embodied It in this world. So when Jesus said, "I am the Truth, I am the Way", he was speaking as The Logos.

The Man With 2 Brains
The left hemisphere of the brain ( which controls the right hand, and is linear & masculine ) responds to and is "reinforced" by ( in the psychological sense of the term) the written word. The right hemisphere of the brain ( which controls the left hand, and is intuitive & feminine ) responds to and is reinforced by the image. The pagan religions were all about the image, esp. as statues, which appealed to the right hemisphere, and produced illiterate cultures that valued The Female as Life-Giver.
However, apparently the left hemisphere felt neglected and unvalued in this scheme at the level of the collective unconscious. The imbalance created a rebound in the form of monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - which replaced the image of the Goddess with written words about an imageless male God. So, for @3 thousand years, we have had imbalance in the other direction (with the short-lived exception of The Age of Chivalry,with its black Madonnas and Quest for the Holy Grail.)
One example of The Natural Order is for the Male to lead the Female, in dancing as in life ( "He who does not dance does not know what is happening" - Gnostic proverb).
The reptilian brain ( at the top of the spinal cord ), on the other hand, fears being dominated by others, and so seeks to dominate others as a "pre-emptive strike." This domination is a violation of The Logos.

Man Save Man?
Will we as the human race pursue this path of unbalance right to our own destruction, like a giant Enron; or, will we combine what the right hemisphere values with what the left hemisphere values, to form 1 true religion? The clock is ticking...

"When you make the 2 into 1, then will you enter The Kingdom..."
The Coptic Gnostic Gospel of Thomas
(Davies translation)

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