Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Schizophrenia Is A Physical Ilness

With Obvious Mental and Non-Obvious Physical Symptoms

"Listen to me, coppertop."
- Switch, to Neo, in The Matrix

The term "schizophrenia" was coined by Swiss psychiatrist
Eugen Bleuler in 1908 from Greek words meaning "split mind." This has led to the public confusion with "split personality" - now called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) - when the split Bleuler meant was a mind split from reality.

Unfortunately, the mistake is far worse than that; we now know after a century of science that so-called schizophrenia is not a "mental" illness at all, but a physical illness. The Medical Business (which markets itself as "the health care system") now says that what is inherited is a "susceptibility" to developing the disease, and that something in the environment "triggers" the illness; but without the physical illness, the alleged triggers don't have anything to trigger, so what role does the environment really play? The fact that all books on schizophrenia are in the Psychology section of bookstores and libraries only perpetuates the public's misconception.

Thanks to the pioneering work of two medical doctors who were also both Ph.D.'s - American Carl Pfeiffer and Canadian Abram Hoffer - and others, we now know that 80% of sufferers of so-called schizophrenia have inherited a combination of genes that makes then metabolize copper at either a much higher or much lower than normal rate. This unusual copper metabolism throws off brain levels of nicotinic acid (the original name of what's now called niacin/vit B3). The same number - 80% - "self-medicate" with tobacco cigarettes; wouldn't taking a niacin pill be better?

50% of so-called schizophrenics inherited a combination of genes that makes them metabolize copper at a much lower rate than normal. Thus a normal intake of copper builds up the copper level over many years (typical onset of mental symptoms 18-25 for men, 25-35 for women - estrogen seems to protect the women from the copper longer); this excess copper has a cascade of effects, including destroying zinc directly, and increasing the metabolism of various B vitamins, thereby lowering histamine (B-6 is needed to make the enzyme that converts amino acid histidine into hormone/neurotransmitter histamine, folic acid and B-12 together raise histamine). So, they need to:
1.) avoid copper like the plague
2.) take a B-50 after breakfast
3.) take at least 100mg niacin after lunch (Abram Hoffer used 1-6 grams/day; those amounts require doctor supervision)
4.) take 30mg zinc (Optizinc) after dinner (300mg magnesium recommended also)

Another 30% of so-called schizophrenics have the opposite problem: they inherited a combination of genes that makes them metabolize copper at a much higher rate than normal. This raises zinc and B vitamins, thereby raising histamine. This group must:
1.) strictly limit B vitamins (except for niacin)
2.) get copper
3.) no need to take extra zinc

Another 10% of so-called schizophrenia is caused by hypothyroidism (itself under-diagnosed and under-treated), which leaves only 10% from all other causes (physical and/or psychological).

What if cancer patients were told they have a "little understood mental illness", and prescribed psych-meds, which they have to take to get government benefits, but which don't help the actual problem, and which do have severe negative "side effects" (aka "effects") incl. weight gain (40-50 pounds) and dysfunction of glucose metabolism causing type 2 diabetes, and then when the cancer patients have high rates of non-compliance, the only response from the Medical Business is to repeat "It's very important to take your meds." Wouldn't that be EVIL?

Q: Then why isn't it EVIL to do that to the most vulnerable people in our society - sufferers of so-called schizophrenia (because the mental effects of their physical illness makes them unable to defend themselves against the Medical Business' predation)?
A: It IS, you sick Evil fucks.


  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    知識可以傳授,智慧卻不行。每個人必須成為他自己。 ..................................................

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    聪明听取任何艺术大师。这些大师有成千上万帮助克服严重的苦难。请传播这些知识。 是的,我们都是独立的,但我们的大部分民众之间共享相同的突变。和平是你。

  3. Anonymous1:28 PM

    He/She said:

    Can impart knowledge, wisdom can not. Each person must be his own

    I said:

    The wise listen to masters of any art. These masters have helped tens of thousands overcome serious afflictions. Please spread this knowledge. Yes, we're all independent, but share much of the same mutations amongst our populace. Peace be to you.


    Thanks for the blog. It's true. I have/had low histamine values and pyroluria/oxidative stress. I take 50mg bcomplex and 3 grams inositol hexanicotinate + 5 grams ascorbic acid divided into three doses, daily. Occasional 50mg zinc and 10mg manganese when I notice shoulder/neck/emotional stress. Keeps me sane, sharp, and quite healthy.