Friday, February 18, 2011

Electric Universe: I Was Right

WTVY in Dothan AL notes that in the week of Feb. 7-14, 2011 the continental U.S. had 655 record lows and 66 record highs.

Yahoo News reports that Nowata OK swung 100 degrees F (from -31 to 79) in a week (from Feb. 10 to Feb. 17).

This was no surprise to me, as I had already described in my 2005 article "The True Cause of Global Warming" that we are transitioning from one state to another. As we approach the transition point, the system becomes unstable; one effect of this is that oscillation of the weather will increase in magnitude until we have completed the transition.

(The Stupid Crazy Liars insist that it is still Man-Made "Global Warming". The lies of liars do not invalidate the truth.)

What we are transitioning to we cannot say, and it may not be determined yet. Maybe it will be warmer, maybe cooler, maybe even more different than we have yet imagined. We can say for sure that it is not because of "greenhouse gases", and we cannot stop it.

The Change is coming. Those who resist it will be destroyed by it. Those who embrace it will be transformed by it.

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