Monday, June 13, 2011

Why Calvinism Is So Evil

The Authoritarian Conservatives (aka the TEA Party, pka the Whigs) think it's wrong that there is a middle-class, and they think that because of something you may never have heard of: Calvinism.

In the Calvinist cosmogony, material wealth / financial success is a result of being "right with God."

THEREFORE, if someone has extreme wealth, that person has been "blessed by God." And, if someone is poor, it's a sign that they need to "get right with God", because He will then "bless you" with prosperity.

ALSO, this means that "helping poor people" is "going against God's plan."

How does being "middle-class" - having enough money and other resources to meet all of your needs (and your family's, if applicable), and have a few luxuries - fit into this world-view? It doesn't, and so it must be destroyed.

For more on this subject see Let There Be Markets: The Evangelical Roots of Economics by Gordon Bigelow.

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  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Astonishingly stupid article. You obviously know nothing about theology. Stick with what you do know, that's my advice.