Tuesday, November 04, 2014

What Does It Means to Live in "a Free Will Universe"?

You can't just choose the truth, or to be Good, or to grow your awareness, once and have the decision set.

The universe demands you make the choice over and over and over.

How many times do you have to choose? No one, not even yourself, will know that until you "graduate."

Every time you are on one path, and you choose the other path, you lose ground. You keep choosing the new path until you have made up the ground you lost, and then switch again.

Running to stand still.

No wonder you're so tired. No wonder the road seems too long, the obstacle insurmountable, the task un-accomplish-able.

The universe doesn't make the choice for you. It wants to give you the chance to try both paths, as much as you need to, so that whichever you end up with, you can be sure it's the one you really want.

That's what it means to live in “a free will universe.”

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