Thursday, March 05, 2015

Proposed 10 Question Voting Test

The test should be easy enough that there is no excuse for not passing (from the POV of approx. 51% of Americans), but yet eliminate those who can't think, or refuse to find out basic highly relevant facts.

1) Add: something that requires carrying - e.g, 17 + 8

2) Subtract: two double digits - e.g., 59 - 17

3) Multiply: a double digit times a single digit - e.g., 54 x 6

4) Divide: a double digit divided by a single digit - e.g., 72 / 9

5) Locate the USA on a map of the world

6) Locate China, Israel, Russia on a map of the world (any two)

7) Name the current President

8) Name your current Governor

9) Name your current Mayor

10) Name one of your two Senators

This will have to be on computer of course. The math questions should be different each person each time.

Get more than one wrong, you should not be allowed to vote, or hold elected (or appointed?) office.

Each person gets one chance to pass the test each election.

This would significantly improve the quality of government in this country.

"Elitist" (racist, sexist, etc.) : Don't those of us who can pass this test have a right to defend ourselves - and our civilization - against those who cannot? There is no justification for letting anyone who cannot pass this test vote; they will be too easily manipulated.

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